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2023-03-30: LEGENDARY

im addicted to this stupid nonsense. i managed to get a fair amount of legendaries-- like some of the Belmonts, and a "Fury Bowser"lmao aaaand i think two different Ganons, and a few more. and idk, like 200 other spirits overall. Heh, solid collection. *takes out my binder and opens it in front of you, and you gasp in awe and even step back a little*

Yes, as you can see, ive focused my collection in two areas: high-tier spirits, and Any Cute Girls Regardless of Their Tier.

Hinoka here is just a 3-star that makes you jump higher. Might not SOUND all that great. But as you can see with your eyes, she's a redheaded tomboy in thigh-high boots & she's presenting armpit. So she's actually a Legendary class, and my most valuable spirit who I will take to lvl99. I recommend you stay out of our way... *closes binder and returns it to my inventory, then I throw my cape back, and walk away, leaving you awe-struck and afraid*

Some of these legendaries are just crazy to get. Freakin' lava floors, minions, enemy assists, insta-final smashes. IT'S BRUTAL. thankfully you can at least get stuff to make the battles easier. But THEN even when you win still you have to AIM A GUN THROUGH A RAPIDLY SPINNING SHIELD ANAOERGOIJ hahahaha. aaaahhhhhhh. well at least there's items for that, too. even if i have to use "rematch" items, if I want a legendary, i will get that legendary.

i dont have a non-horny answer for my favorite spirit, ive been using a lot of them because i think it maxmizes your rewards if you use low-levels intead of, say, muh lvl99 Alucard. "And That's a Good Thing!" it is though. if a battle's too ball-bustingly hard, bring out your best spirit, otherwise, just use your weaklings so they get experience and you get moar loot. i like it.

it's too addictive though. ive never played any mobile anime gacha games, but i assume this is kinda how they're like. it's not good for you lmao.

and i knooooooooooooow im never "gonna catch 'em all!" -- i dont plan on getting the dlc for the characters i dont care about, and idgaf about events or anything. i cant IMAGINE being a completionist in something like this. I thought the trophies in Melee were PUSHING IT. But this? IT'S JUST TOO MUCH. Man it's fun though, but i uhhhhhhhhhhhhh-- cant get lost in the sauce. Thank God you can't spend money on this lol. Also, tbh, it's mostly skill-based.

And I'm SO skilled, that it's cruel. I'm like that guy from the Three Kingdoms who uh, built that labryinth where the enemy army got lost. Or how about the time he just sat out of a gate playing some music by himself and it spooked the enemy because they thought he surely had a gorillion men in the city? Anyway, that's me.

but i think instead of using my 180IQ for collecting rare items in a video game, I'll uh, idk, do something productive tomorrow lmao. i need to mow the lawn. i fixed my weedwacker. well, i didnt, because it wasnt really broken, i just figured out what was wrong with it ok THAT'S ENOUGH this blog post . IS. OVER.

ill ttyl. less-stupid writing(that's a lie, but they'll at least be vidya reviews and/or stories) coming next time. soooooooo. that's it. kk. take care pls. God bless you, friend.

2023-03-28: my main? Hero, but Sora gets the job done.

hi, i just had a caffeine pill. i got super smash ultimate and i hate how addictive it is.

i PURCHASED Sora & Hero, because Hero's got the Erdrick skin from Dragon Warrior 3. So yeah, had to do it. Dragon Warrior 1-3 were my childhood. of course, because i had a tiny child brain, i only ever finished 1. but i still loved playing 2 & 3. Sora's a no-brainer, and i like that he's actually pretty good too. he's got a deflect, his uh, sliding attack is very very useful, erggtrhhtrhtr im tired

i did NOT buy sephiroth, because id be a poseur. i dont like playing characters i dont really know from their games. i never played ff7. so also, even though i liek all the fire emblem characters, I CANNOT main them either, at least until i play a fire emblem game to completion

& even though i dont think i ever finished a castlevania game, Simon Belmont gets an exception, as he is the Official Representative of the Catholic Church. sooooo yeah, im allowed to play as him. he's preddy fun. and i think for more s--- i think he's probably easier than Hero.

Samus was my go-to as a kid, but there's sooooo many more to choose from now. still good with her, but not playing her much. i cant play zero suit, because im a high-test Italian male. too distracting. no Lucina either. no wii fit trainer. i cant help it, i was born this way. you think it's easy? it's not.

anyway, the game's a lot harder than say, Smash 1 & Melee. in those, i got to the point where i can pretty comfortably yeet lvl 9s. but in this, there's just sooo freaking much going on. especially with the assist trophies. a lvl9 cpu practically TELEPORTS to a trophy the second it spawns, and then just say byebye to that life. BYEEEEEEE! BYEBYE. depends on the stage & characters though i guess. i did do a challenge against a lvl9 jigglypuff, who i correctly assumed would be a lot less stressful than bowser, and it wasnt a problem.

im fighting with loved ones (irl not in smash, i wish in smash) so im actually in a really shitty mood, like you wouldnt ev-- i coudld put my fist through a fucking wall im so fed up rn. i dont like over-sharing.[so i wont LOL] im just uhhhhh. everyone just sucks and i need a vacation :') i need a vacation from everyone. a vay-cay with gay fancy mixed drinks in a foreign country, with plenty of SIGHT SEEING and taking pictures of the exotic cuisine ill get at, idk, some local famous restaurant. that all sounds meh. i think ill just turn my phone off, close my curtains, put on gregorian chanting, and drink a bottom-shelf vodka. while playing super smash.

anyway, super smash is just ridiculous. it's so cool that im playing and suddenly THERE'S A GIRL FROM FATAL FRAME. i didnt know about the spirits & assist trophies before getting the game, so all of this came as a surprise to me. it's mind-blowing how much stuff there is. and yeah, it's kinda... you know, it's GRINDY a bit, the whole "lvl up these cards that give you combat bonuses" but idk, they're still basically like trophies. it's fun collecting them. "BUT IT'S FUUUUN!". wow, look at my cool spirit collection, all neatly listed here like a binder of pokemon cards. THAT'S FUN.

anyway. that's it. idk honestly bro lol. dude, bro, i just dont know. IM GONNA SHAAAARE. no im not. you dont deserve to suffer like that. so im gonna go play some more smash lmao. i beat a legendary spirit! but of course then i missed the shot to free it. :') of course.

thatssss. thats all. im gonna go. i cant COPE rn im in sucha bad mood i reagorgiorajeoijgraee AAAAAAAAAAAAAA ipl-- pls take care. ill ttyl. God bless you

2023-03-27: everyone who hates Nick Fuentes is a homosexual. also video games

"no hate btw"

today's blog post isnt a nickpost,[edit: sry i lied, i ended up writing more than i wanted to lmao, but il-- ill talk about video games or something too] i'll MARK the vidyagaym part so you can skip ahead to it, how about that?

ive just reached the point where i need to call it out again. it's like that uh, clock from that movie with the giant monsters. i have no choice.

there's only so much aggressive homosexual fantasy i read before i have to point out that everyone who hates Nick Fuentes talks like fucking Buffalo Bill, and then i have to write about it again.

just look at this tweet. It reads like, idk, a 40+ year old man-- watches waaaay too much porn. probably likes blondes w/ big fake tits. probably wishes he himself was a blonde with big fake tits.

the obsession with ankle biting at the reputation of popular men is-- is it a good thing? there's a lot of hobbies in the world to choose from. It's not normal or good to talk this much about sodomy and insisting other men are homosexual. It's disgusting. Quite frankly, it betrays a familiarity with the subject as well. Yeah, that's right, I'm pulling the "No, *YOU'RE* gay" card. Because it's true.

Even if you were to sincerely believe that Nick Fuentes is a homosexual (no-one does, they just wish him to be because it delights goblin-people whenever the rare Right-Winger/Christian is exposed to actually be down in the shit bucket with them, nothing makes them happier)

Prime example recently-- that guy "Alt-Hype" whining about Nick and calling him gay, because, idk I think Nick said, correctly, that dictators are kinda cool. Please excuse me if my lore is off, but iirc Alt-Hype is an actual self-admitted homosexual. He'd love it if Nick was gay. All of these people would. Because they're all crab-brains.

anyway later THIS guy, DRAGON2022(very cool name) went on to say "i dont claim to be a Christian", after he was whining that some groypers weren't being being Christ-like for making fun of him and they told him he wasn't being a good Christian either for trying to smear someone's reputation.

that's just icing to be fair, there's plenty of self-proclaimed Christians that love projecting homosexual fantasy onto Nick Fuentes. it's just icing when one admits they're not even Christians lmao.

it's just very-- what's the word-- dammit. i cant remember the word i want lmao. affirming? i dont like that word, it's for w*men. but fine, I'll use it anyway. It AFFIRMS that I'm completely right about Nick Fuentes being THE GUY. My point rn is this:

everyone who hates Nick Fuentes delights in talking about anal sex,

(and also tends to run defense for [spooky political stuff we dont have to talk about rn, you already know everything anyway]) I won't accuse DRAGON2022 of working for a foreign nation, he's probably just actually as low-IQ as he sounds.

so here we are, having to choose between

a) a charismatic young genius who dedicates so much of himself to waking up Whites and Christians to the fact that they're under attack.

or option b) excessively vulgar sex-obsessed middle-aged atheist liberal men, who are more than likely actual homosexuals attracted to other HUMAN men--NOT ANIME CATBOYS WHO ARE IDENTICAL TO GIRLS--and are for some reason dedicated to desperately slandering the most popular and most heavily-censored young White Christian advocate in the United States with the meme of "Well I don't think there's anything wrong with sin, because I'm not a Christian but maybe this argument will work on you"

I won't accuse these """people""" of reading Rules for Radicals, but it's probably even worse that they just *naturally* act like it's ingrained in their hearts. It's just their natural state to be dishonest little rodents. The polar opposite of Nick "THE KNIFE" Fuentes, banned from 109 platforms btw. The guy who, if you invite him on your YouTube show, you have to go on a groveling-tour humiliation ritual and delete your interview with him.

That's all, I'm writing way too much. It's just like, bruh lmao. Just kill yourself. Slandering other men isn't going to save the White rac-- oh nooooo i just thought of more shit to write about NO that's enough for now. it's enough for now. eventually ill do a "That's Not Very Christian of You!" post. sry i did this to you.

no hate btw! :)

anyway, "Video games?"

video games

i found an auto-clicker py script that im using for Diablo 1 now. This basically makes it a perfect game. You don't have to ruin your mouse anymore. You can just HOVER over stuff, not even holding the button down, just move the mouse around, and there you go, there you swing your sword, etc.

a few minor issues with it--since it's always clicking, you will like, rapidly open/close doors and if you move the mouse over your inventory, you'll fuck it up and either drop or use something, etc. BUT: no problem, because you can switch the clicker on and off with the press of a key. I set it to 'a' because i dont think that's used for anything. originally it was 's', but that's the spells hotkey, so that's no good.

Anyway it's awesome, and i love it. here's where i foudnd iiergerg found it... uhhhh here- here.

I was making one, but lmao it's like-- i knew someone else surely had already made one. so it's like bruh, i cant rn i just wanna play some diablo. i did at least learn a bit just by looking at it.

anyway, anything else?

Yeah uh, i wanted to talk about the Red9 vs the Blacktail, but i actually dont feel like it anyomre lol. too much. too much. me? im a red9 guy, but i respect the blacktail and i dont like red9 fans, so i might just start using the blacktail after all.

anyway im gonna go. so that's it. thaaaaaaaats. it. i hope you havve a good night. whatever i write next will not be negative at all. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kkkkkk. ill ttyl. pls take care, God bless

2023-03-25: Hit or miss? i guess they never wrote a HARRY POTTER FANFIC, huh?

it really bothered me that people called that girl a trap. look i dont wanna genderpost rn, [so im not: REDACTED]. we've got an exciting Harry Potter fanfic coming up for you PART 2, RIGHT? THIS IS PART 2

i fixed my stupid little script to automatically make paragraph tags. isnt that exciting? so writing this was a breeze! okay, we last left off with Neville HP Longbottom killing malfoy with a sword at Hogwarts University.

ill make a proper page for this eventually.

anyway HP Longbottom was late for his favorite class... Potions class...

"Neville!" cried Hermione Grander, his girlfriend(female)

"What do you want, woman?" asked HP Lovebottom.

"I want you to explain to me why Draco Malfoy is lying dead in the middle of the hallway on the 3rd floor in front of the FORBIDDEN CORRIDOR," growled Hermione.

HP Longbottom perked up. he liked it when Hermione tested his patience. she was the only one who could, because she was SO tight it was unbelievable. when HP stole Hermione from Ron, he was amazed at how tight she was. Ron must have had such a shrimpy little dick lmao.

"If i told you, id have to kill you too lol" Neville teased, giving her a gentle choke. Hermione's panties couldnt contain her excitement and HP Longbottom ordered Ronald, little baby dick Ronald, to go get a mop.

"anyway Mai, i killed Draco because he gave me attitude. also he was a bully to me back when he still could. all those years ago at Hogwarts 1.

Mai was what Neville AKA HP Longcraft called his girlfriend Hermione because Hermione is such a stupid name with too many syllables so it's unpleasant to say, so HP always just called Her Mai.

"Now get out of here, Mai. The Slytherins are gonna be looking for revenge. I wouldnt be surprised if they came after one of our Freshmen," said Longcraft. "Tell the other Griffs to stay alert. Let my lieutenants know to be on MAXIMUM war-anxiety level.

Mai nodded and skipped away. Ronald came back with the mop and began mopping up her juice.

"Ron, I might yet need your gladius today after all. I hope you're better with it than you are with that broom."

"it's a mop."

"I dont remember asking, but just be ready for the worst. Draco Malfoy was their best duelist, no doubt about it. But that's not how Slytherins roll. we both know that. they prefer the hidden blade, the poison. they fancy themselves a bunch of Italians or Jews. But we'll show them the Anglo spirit yet, won't we?

Ron nodded.

"Well, I will, you redheaded fairy. But I'm sure you'll be of some use yet. Drop the broom, let's get to work on our fortifications. Come with me to Potions class and we'll strategize."

Ron looked at him. "But I've got Charms class on the 5th floor."

HP Longbottom looked at him, sighed, and reached into his satchel to take out his Necronomicon.

"WAIT!" cried Ronald, "I'm sorry, let's go, of course you're right."

Ron dropped his broom(mop) and the two went down into the Dungeons of Hogwarts U., to meet with their oldest and greatest ally: Professor Snape.

wow i wonder what'll happen next? anyway that's it, im done. BAD DAY today, everyone's picking fights with me, i just wanna lmao aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ok im gonna go now. ill ttyttyl. pls takke care, and God bless you

2023-03-24: Greenblatt Hates Whites? More like "Asked Wrote a Harry Potter Fanfiction"

i did a "when will i die?" quiz thing for the th-- what the fu-- whateverthehell Greenblatt. it says he'll live to 76, so even if he doesn't get to see the death of all White people, he'll at least get to see America turn majority non-White before he goes to the lake of fire for eternity, so that's a nice little treat. a sweet treat for a sweet boy!

here's a quick harry pottah story i wrote earlier, which is more important than any kind of blatts:

"you shouldnt have bullied me, Malfoy..." growled HP Longbottom the famous Hufflepurff writer of "Cosmic Horror"

Cosmic Horror is the best kind of horro r because it acknoweldgess that if gods existed (they do not, scientifically speaking) then they wouldnt care about us at all because theyd be so big and we'd be like ants to them.

i always laugh whenever i see christians talk about how much their magical skydaddy loves them lmao. try reading a little HP Longbottom, and then you'll realize just how insignificant you really are.

"MALFOOOOOOY!!!" screamed Longbottom, and he used the Sword of Grifindor to perform Balrog's Gambit from the Lord of the Rings game. (TW: do not read lord of the rings, it was written by a Catholic, the movies are racist too, AVOID)

reminder: add a description of how he performs it, as a hobbit-class character lol

Malfoy was dead on the ground in an instant. it was worth the price in house points that would be deducted from Hufflepuff to take out Slytherin's MVP this early in the year.

"Heh, looks like another weakling couldnt hang... this isnt little kid hogwarts anymore, this is Hogwarts University, wehre we learn advanced magic," said Ron Weasley, brandishing his roman gladius.

"Check yourself, Weasely," said Longbottom, the big man on campus. "I dont wanna see that thing out of its shethe unless youre asking for a duel. swords are my domain., and im not going to tolerate anyone challenging me--even if youre not intending to. i hope you understand, because im not giving you a choice and im not going to repeat myself." Longbottom said all of this while he was writing a new piece of lore into his Necronomicon:

The Great Old One, Cthulu was like g*dzilla, but had a tentacle face and bat wings. he could make you go insane just by LOOKINg at him. that's how big and unbeliebablbe he was. human minds are so stupid and weak they cant even comprehend how cosmically insignificant we are. and thats why HP Longbottom wanted to become a writer, so he could change society for the better and get rid of bullies who who have human-centric views and no empathy.

"Sorry, HP," said Ron Weasely, sheathing his blade. "I got a little too excited, i respect you as the swordsman of the school. if you ever need my blade though--"

"you know i dont"

"of course."

my shoulder huerrsts and i want a new desk. RAAAAAAAHHHh!!!!! FDUCK9ERWOIFJSTRHEOIJTRHSOIJHTSROIJ I dont ik0---- whatever. i hope youre having a good one. i feel like im losing it man, im so tired. i spend so much time just BEING IN PHYSICAL PAIN lmao, brb im gonna go do some anger pullups THERE. that's bnetterreghtrsh

why is my desk so uncomfortable? i cant figure it out. im just not minding my posture well enough, i know that's it. will that stop me from continuing to mess myself up? no of course not. AHTHRTSTRSHHTRSRHT

i logged into coinbase for the first time in a year and was delighted to see my $50 of chainlink is now $15. thanks, Sam. i took some of those stupid quizzes for free scamcoins though, so that was fun. 8 dollarydoos worth of trash earned, immediately all converted to btc. actually no, i did get use like $2 for some doge just for fun. ive always wanted some. a loooooong time ago i tried some of those uhhh............ what..... "faucets" iirc, but i was never able to get even a little bit.

none of this is worth the effort of sending to my wallets though, it was just fun. "BUT IT'S FUUUUN!"

it's funny that one of the shitcoins was worth, idk 20 doge. "worth". yeah sure. i cant even remember its name and i wont even remember to come back in a year when its investorbux have dried up to see that 20 of whateveritwascalled will be worth .001488 DOGE

the STAYING POWER of a yellow dog making a funny wide-eyed face can never be underestimated. it's like canned food and ammunition.

anyway. im gonna lie down. you might be SHOCKED to hear this: but i dont feel so good rn lol. so im gonna go. i uhhhh... that's it for now. i-- hm. i cant believe how fast time flies. ive got a lot i need to do, and i barely did any of it today. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa anyway, ill ttyl.pls take care. God bless you fren

2023-03-23: Local Man Tired

anyway, let me recommend you something. an acupunct-- excuse me "acupressure" mat. it's a mat with spikes. you lie on it, get stabbed, and it's just the tits. it feels good, and it's ez to hit knots even under your shoulders.

okkkkkkk ok. hey, iiiiiii. hi. hope youre having a good one.

i drank too much, i cant rn. im going to pass out. im gonna lie dowwn lol that's the end of the blog post. i -- it's a little early to sleep isnt it? no, it's about right. im gonna go lie down, open up a father brown story on my kindle, and fall asleep one paragraphg inTHATS . whats gonna happen. i ----i hate sleeping i wish i could always just be awake.

DEMON CHAOS for ps2-- look that up. i havent tried iy yet, but. it looks good. there i wrote something about games. i

ihvea ad this killr headache all day, and it''''''''''''''''''''''. i need water. tomorrow i. theres so much crap i have ot do irl i just wantto lie down . idc im gonna go that's it. im s i got nothing, sry. ttyl. God bless you.

2023-03-21: "There are two ways of getting home; and one of them is to stay there.

The other is to walk round the whole world till we come back to the same place."

"C.S. Lewis, as an atheist, took the latter route, having walked round the whole world; Chesterton helped lead him home. Lewis recalls the impact of reading The Everlasting Man in Surprised by Joy: 'I did not know what I was letting myself in for. A young man who wishes to remain a sound Atheist cannot be too careful of his reading...'

'...I had never heard of him and had no idea of what he stood for; nor can I quite understand why he made such an immediate conquest of me. It might have been expected that my pessimism, my atheism, and my hatred of sentiment would have made him to me the least congenial of all authors. It would almost seem that Providence, or some 'second cause' of a very obscure kind, quite overrules our previous tastes when it decides to bring to minds together. Liking an author may be as involuntary and improbable as falling in love.'"

Come home, Neocities Man. Take the Chesterton pill.

this isnt a Christpost, sry. im just trying to finally use this freakin $25 Barnes & Noble giftcard. Barnes & Noble is a terrible store. $40 for free shipping. can you IMAGINE? (Nearest store is a million miles away)

so i wanted to get some Chesterton books, right? but here's the thing: there's 2 books in particular that Id HAVE to get together or my autism would destroy me, because they're seen as a set: Heretics, where he dunks on the redditors of his time like HG Wells, and Orthodoxy where he explains his own (correct) positions. I cant have one without the other. of course I'll want The Everlasting Man too.

but i AAAAALSO dont want to spend 1 cent of real money. oy vey!

so im like Atmosphere rn, TRYNA FIND A BALANCE

uhhh... ok. if i can find a book that's like $4, ill be happy. wish me luck, ill brb...

LMAAAAO im 19 cents over now. i found Spirits in Bondage by Lewis for $4. BUT IT'S STILL TOO MUCH. Still though. He wrote it when he was an emo 20yo returning from war, i wanna read it. Fine. should i just do it? whatever, ill do it. it's 19 cents.

oh i mislead you too, im sorry. im not getting Heretics and Orthodoxy this time. I'm getting The Everlasting Man and The Man Who Was Thursday. kk here we...

LMAAAAAAAAO they hit me with the tax at the end. I'm out another dollarydoo now!

No. you know what? no. im not accepting my fate. THERE HOW BOUT THIS

i did it... i won...

Club of Queer Trades sounds pretty fun. I think it's about like, a social club where in order to join you have to have a weird job. Thursday's of course, a dystopian story that im kinda too afraid to read rn. What if it's like That Hideous Strength, but with a BAD ENDING? definitely interested though. anything this man ever wrote, im interested in.

well that's the end of my barnes & noble journey. that's been on my to-do list for like a gorillion years.

what now? oh, i c-- is this fun? me going through like dumb little stuff from my to-do list? im sorry im doing this to you

well i need to get a dictionary for my kindle, but i need to find one *not from amazon* because they make you regiiiiiisterrrrrrr to download one from THE CLOUD. so ima go find a dictionary, brb...

kk, found one. lemme try to set it up... ah good, the light bulb in my desk lamp is flickering. that's good.

okay, perfect. goes in just like a regular book.

probably a good idea to get your hands on as many old dictionaries/encyclopedias as possible.

so, you're probably wondering about my light bulb. you want me to address the LQ. well it stopped flickering for now, so im just going to leave it alone.

okay now, ive wasted too much of your time, and mine too. yours is more valuable than mine, but even mine is being wasted like this. "hey guys, check out how i carefully spent just under $25 on Barnes and Noble dot com to use up this gift card."

what a piece of work i am. but i hAD TO DO IT. anyway... what el... ok, after i post this, im going to become a neocities supporter, and then upload a funny recording of my fren voicing my thing. that'll be fun, right? riiiiiiight. ive got a DOMAIN too that ive been paying for from freakin wordpress, maybe i can transfer it over here. that'd be neat. w/e ill see what i can do.

idk. these blogs are too muchlmao like LOOK AT HOW LONG THIS POST IS, and i CAN KEEP GOING-- OK NO BYE. pls take care, ill ttyl, probably with another way-too-long post. God bless you fren

2023-03-20: it all returns to nothing

oh, this is a uh-- hey, im officially, officially now recommending the logitech vertical mouse. i dont regret getting it, so that means that it's good enough. i got the rechargable one because i dont like the prospect of having to get a new battery, even if it does last 2 years as claimed. i guess you should always have a stock of different batteries in your house *anyway*, and I *do*, but uhhh--lmao. well, there we have it. you know, i dont know the innards of these mice, so it might be entirely possible that a mouse that runs on a *replaceable* battery will ultimately last longer than a *rechargable* mouse, right? if we assume everything about them besides their batteries are the same, t-- i dont care about this, im going to stop writing now.

so there you go. idk if PNN is still looking for a mouse. it's comfortable. as comfortable as a mouse can ever be at least.

uhhhh. what else... idk. ive got a lot of stuff for the site i need to do. also i asked my voice actor fren if he was OK with me posting the recordings he did of my book, AWKWARD CONVERSATIONS, and he said yes, so """""soon""""" ill post some nice audio for you to enjoy. some of the funniest stuff that's ever graced my ears. i might become a uhhhh, NEOCITIES SUPPORTER, so i can just upload it here. i just hope-- if you enjoy it even HALF as much as i do, i think it'll be worth it. like, he does freakin hilarious disney voices, and also he's cracking up the entire time he's reading it too so it's very wholesome. I WANT YOU to feel like he's your fren too while youre listening. it's objectively funny anyway, but -- it's fun hearing your friends laugh, right? but i also dont want that to be -- look im not selling this as "ha ha listen to my friend cracking up as he reads a story i wrote", HE DOES GOOD VOICES, and his laughter ENHANCES it. so. ok. i wooont forget, ill get on that.

[meaningless nonsense]

i played some SUPER SMESH BROS. im so much better at it now then i was as a kid, desperately just doing running and heavy attacks. sure, i could still roll with the lvl9 cpus even back then, but it was a struggle. now, this children's game is like.. a children's game. meh. i used to get ENRAGED when theyd do their taunts lmao especially Donkey Kong and Captain Falcon-- who were of course the two main characters id choose to fight. Pretending DK was some kinda big monster. and naturally, id pick Falcon's black outfit and pretend he was Ganondorf. Good times.

im having fun. im just a guy having fun :)

i kinda wanna get into smash, but i also kinda dont. i mean for starters, i cant play online because my Internet is shit. aaaaaaand i have no friends anymore because i moved across the countrylmao. soooooooooooo. :) but i mean the roster is just soooo big now, and it's soooo cool. SIMON BELMONT. SORA. idk. there's an infinite amount of vidya shit i wanna do, and i mean honestly, im going to die before i play everything i want to. that's just reality.

what else... is this a vidya post? maybe lmao. i played a little of GOLDENEYE, that uhh... remake, you know? for the wiiiii. i played the multiplayer a lot with my fren, it was soooo much fun. but the campaign is kinda meh. i thought i remembered it having more neato stealth stuff but the Dam mission is like freakin on-rails cawaduty shit so far. idk. im just uhhhhhhhhh idk.

what ELSE? there's MORE? there's more. Super Mario Galaxy. i love it. but im not gonna get a wiimote lmao. sooo im thinkin' just uh, set the right analog stick to act as a nunchuk, right? but i vaguely remember trying that a looooong time ago, and there was *some* kind of problem with it. idk. i kinda regret not getting that stupid mario collection for the switch. ohhhhh my liiiiiife, all these regretsssssssssss

kk am i hm. well anyway that's all for now. so OKAY? TOMORROW ill try to start uploading some fun neato happy content.

so that's it. take care pls. ill ttyl. God bless.

2023-03-19: i sprained my neck brushing my teeth


no, it's not fully sprained. yet. it's just in that danger zone now, where i can tell it's ABOUT to be fucked up if i dont watch how tense i let myself be. i got so mad i had like a short angry 3am workout.


so what else?

mupen64 sucks. project64 worked great, but >windows, so ive been trying to--really for no reason, since ocarina and majora are on gamecube/virtual store, and mario 64's on virtual s-- okay but WHAT IF there's some n64 game im not thinking of that i actually do want to play? here's my point:

mupen64 sucks lol. maybe for other people, "works fine on my machine", but it's just a nightmare on mine.

"Your graphics plugin sir, would you like the seizure-inducing flickering, or the missingno glitch nightmare?"

luckily, "Ares" seems to work much better. I've tested it with exactly-one game with no intentions of trying any more, because, again, Zelda+Mario64 are available elsewhere lol. but SOME DAY, maybe, i'll find some n64 games to play, and hopefully Ares will still be good. Maybe I'll wanna play some Chameleon Twist 2, who knows?

anywayuhhhhh... i got a new case for my phone. a less-bigg one. i think. i got memed into a "slim" otterbox originally, but i should have known better. there's no such thing as a slim otterbox. ok great, i can throw my phone against the wall and it wont explode, but you know what'd be cool, too? being able to fit my phone in my pocket.

idk why phones have to be bigger than 5 inches, but for whatever reason, these 7-inch monstrosities are like--not ALL we can choose from, but they control too much of the market.

I've already got this GIANT DICK in my pants, this long, thicc Italian cock, and you want me to be stuffing a bunch of giant phones in my pockets? that's not right. it's ANTI-CONSOOMER is what it is. it's RACIST.

anyway, idk. here's the thing: someone i follow posted their daily carry, and it was cool. it was actually very similar to mine from a few years ago-- you know, keys, pen, smol notepad-- so i show it to my friend and he agrees, very based. but then we start discussing how to like, de-necessitate our phones. it's hard.

what's the ONE THING that the smartphone has, that you cant do without? for me, and i think most people would ultimately agree, is the GPS. the GPS-- having A MAP that allows you to know where you're going, is so crucial. there is nothing more important than it. not web browsers, not online banking, CERTAINLY not most social media apps, unless you're using one for small private conversations with your friends-- to say, make plans that you'll need your GPS for.

what am i even talking about... anyway, the smartphone. i hate it but our conversation last night made me realize WHY i hate it-- because of the trash-tier distraction apps like twitter, or insta, or tiktok etc. etc. etc. the UTILITY of the smartphone makes it something very very good. it's a--again--a MAP that helps you get where you need to go, it's a camera, it's a calculator, it's a notepad, it's a music player, it's a GOOD THING, right?

it's only when we add in the extra SHIT that we dont need-- like those ridiculous """fitness""" watches that trick people into thinking they need to always be measuring their sleep/oxygen levels/how much youre sweating/etc. such utter nonsense. you know what a perfect fitness watch is? a fucking pedometer that you can change the face of. that's IT. MAAAAAYBE measure heartrate so you can make cardio decisions, but the only people who need to be measuring their perspiration are tomboys so they know the optimal time to take sweaty selfies. that's important, nothing else is.

anyway. the point of this is smartphones suck. they're gay and retarded, and the iphone literally ruined the Internet. BUT. they dont have to be, right? so for me, i uninstalled like every app that wasn't *actually useful*-- mostly stupid google ones that i never even used, and id already yeeted soc media shit in the past. but i had shit like, a GBA emulator--why do i need that? i dont need that. if i have free time in public, i should just REEEEEAAAADDD instead, and besides that, ive got muh chinese android gameboy with actual-buttons that id much rather play on anyway than tapping my screen.

anyway now i can see ALL my apps on the screen without scrolling. that's neato at least.

there's still something about minimizing through spreading your tools among different items-- this person had a small standalone camera, which is cool, and a TINY mp3 player. there's something to that which is very *good*, i just cant figure out how to justify it for myself. or even if i SHOULD for that matter. it might not BE for everyone. a near-weightless mp3 player to clip on to myself would have been great when i was an active runner in a much colder place. now that i live in Hell and can't be outside for more than a few minutes without boiling alive, what's the point? idk. maybe nostalgia's hitting me, but that cant be it entirely. because i can still use the browser on my phone to distract myself--and God knows i will. what do i even use my browser for? how often is it really necessary? what if we still lived in a world where asking people for directions or even just information in general wasnt such a terrifying prospect?

idk what im going on about anymore, im sorry lmao. anyway, fuck smartphones, i hate the Anti-Christ, etc. etc.

if YOU--the based person reading this--have a 5-inch-or-so phone recommendation that works with Verizon, lemme know pls. ive actually been thinking about just going back to the old Galaxies. i mean like, the s5 days. now there was a phone that could fit in my pants alongside my huge lmaook im sorry.

im wrapping this post up, ive wasted eNOUGHh of your time. video games? ive been playing the gamecube version of RE4. feels harder than the pc, if for nothing else than not mouse-aiming, but it's still just so much fun. im dreading some things of course-- and it took me like half a dozen tries to outrun one of those STUPID BOULDER QTEs. i had to like flex-twitch my bicep instead of just using my finger, it was insane. The QTEs were always SHIT. i never knew that "Separate Ways" wasnt in the original tho, so i might have to go to the wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii instead. or i could stop being a faggot ENTIRELY, and just log into steam, where it's waiting for me in my library, with delicious mouse-aiming.

What the hell is wrong with me?

anyway. thats it. im sorry. NOW im gonna try to make my desk less-conducive to destroying my neck. ill ttyl. plssssss take care, God bless you friendo.

2023-03-16: Kingdom Hearts is how AI should be tested

if you ever want an AI to be meaningfully more sophisticated than the chatbots of the 90s, it's not enough for them to just be search engines. they need to feel feels, and if "I've been having these weird thoughts lately, like is any of this for real, or not?" can't make an AI say "im gonna go now, ttyl" and then it goes to play KH, then actually re-engages with you at a later time on its own to talk about how much it loved Kingdom Hearts and hopes Sora comes back to Kairi, idk what to tell you. if your AI doesnt fall in love with Utada Hikaru, it's not intelligence.

it'll never be impressive to me until it can cry.

nothing will ever be impressive to me unless it can make ME cry. what am i even talking about. ive been having these weird thoughts latelyAHTRHARSTTHRS ahhhhh. anyway. so i lost all my ps1/2/gc save files of course from my windows-caused drive failure the other day. i have to remember to start backing them up this time. if i wasnt so lazy and tired and deadbrained, right at this moment, id just take 1 minute and add the memory card files into backintime and back them up into muh mega.

too much effort. doing stuff is hard.

i dont like oversharing, but im trying to taper off a certain medication that's been making me lethargic+retarded. so that's my excuse for being lethargic+retarded. it's a hecking, HECKIN valid excuse anyway

what am i... wanna talk about vidya games? i got Atelier Iris. but i think it might have like "time limits" on it that arent in the later games. if youve been following me for a while, you might know that im one of those fucked-up people who cant stand missing things in RPGs. really any games, but you know, rpgs are notorious for having missable things. i tihnk in FF8, you had to freakin like check a random corridor for one of the magazines OR ELSE you couldnt get it. that stuff just always destroyed me man, and ive been trying to work on not letting it get to me. but it's hard. liek why cant everything just be like Zelda and let me have "perfect" files. of course even then, ill wonder what's more perfect: a file where you blew up all the boulders or one where you only blew up the ones you needed to?

here's a great example. in kingdom hearts, there's like a certain sellable stone that you can only get on the island at the beginning of the game. iirc you get them by beating Riku in the race. but then once you end that day, you cant get any more. now i never went SO crazy as to get 99 of them. that'd be crazy, right? but i did THINK about it lmao. its only use is to be sold, although of course, i also never sold any of mine because it's like, this a memento from my home, how could i sell it? but that's what i mean, im just like, uhhhh. im too emotional about shit in video games.

im just insane, that's all. im a wreck. ill... illlllllll ill be ok. i wanna try out Atelier Iris. LOOK. id been interested in atelier before ryza OK? and even IF my entire motivation was "because tomboy", at least im not just playing her game first.

even if i want to.

i promised my friend id play chrono trigger for the first time when he replays it soon, i wonder if i have time to play something else first?

k blog post's too long now, sorry. i need to go lie down. ive just got nothing in me man, it's crazy. ill be ok. one way or another, everything will always be ok.

with that in mind, pls take care and ill ttyl. God bless you

2023-03-14: Trans Exclusionary Radical Fatness

in 2032, fat people(People of Fatness/POF) start feuding with Gender people because their fatness obscures their secondary sex characteristics leading to the few remaining White supremacists terrorizing them "just in case". Despite being hopelessly outnumbered, the cracker honkeys are able to utilize gorilla warfare to keep Fat folk in a perpetual state of Terror. In response, BiPoF folk demanded the elimination of ALL gender, including male and female. And no-one was strong enough to stop them, because every last gun on Earth was melted down by that American kid who pretended to survive a school shooting. the CIA developed a sleep-ray which allowed all American homes to be pilfered without incident.

This leads to an uneasy alliance between lesbians and lesbians(male), who pool their resources to build a massive city-sized Noah's Ark Red Dwarf spaceship, and bring two of every gender, except Incels, to flee Earth and chase after the Mormons who left Earth ten years prior. They hope to take advantage of their kindness and find safety from the Fat Starships which are hunting them down.

But something sinister was let into the Ark, and may spell doom for them all.

Back on Earth, the Incels and Racists have made Chobits real and turned the entire planet into a Garden of Eden. /always be wiiith yooou/

But there's a problem. For when the Mormons left Earth, they unwittingly entered a wormhole which yokay im done for now. idk where any of that came from im sorry i d

Legends of Troy is so much fun. my favorite character? everyone except Ajax. Ajax is a stupid idiot who just punches people with some dumb claws. are you kidding me>? and he's slow too, he's just a big dumb fuck who isn't fun to play as.

i guess ill go with Hector. Achilles is an idiot and mean. isnt Hector considered one of the uh... people. there's like what, 7 men who... great now i have to look it up. 1 sec... nvm, it's the Nine Worthies. 3 Jews, 3 Pagans, 3 Christians. Hector's preddy cool. sucks that his brother ruined everything for everyone. i guess you could blame Helen. women really do be launching ships filled with simps. we talk about dying for israel, imagine dying for some the President's wife LMAOOOOOOOOOO no im not going to mock them, it was different. it's not like she was some ROASTIE WHORE, she was the King's wife, imagine not going to war to save the King's wife.

"Didntaskedemes, Helen has been abducted! We sail to Troy tomorrow!"

"Nooooo that's cringe, i just wanna drink wine and write poetryyyyyy."

there was a raccoon stuck in my garbage. he couldnt get out, he was too fat. HEY is that w-- that might have been-- i might have had fat on the brain. this raccoon was so FREAKIN FAT he was like a dog. Sorry, it might have been a female, i couldnt tell because it was so FAT, a real BIG FAT IDIOT. i had to slowly tip over the bin and open it so They/Them could haul their fat ass out. FAT IDIlmao why am i racist towards fat people tonight?

i dont hate fat people. some of my best friends are fat. i just gotta dump the brain, im sorry. raccoons are cute, it's a shame they all have rabies.

at least 3 of my girlfriends have had rabies shots because they cant help themselves and have to pet strange animals. women are so stupid it's unbelievable.i dont hate women either, they're just stupid, like fat peWHAT IS WRONG WIth me tonight im just tired and maybe im hungry.

im gonna go. this blog is NO PLACE for bigotry and HATRED. the only thing i hate more than bigotry is hatred,

Also Destiny's on the Ark too, and is leading a neoneo-liberal rape-realism revolutionary movement, hoping to take control of the Ark's comm systems so he can gaslight retarded egirls into letting him fuck them. It's becoming a massive threat to the mental-health of the crew.

All the while, a mysterious Sinister Presence still lurks in the shadows, watching and laughing and maybe even rubbing its hands together.

this blog post was absolutely stupid and im sorry that i did this to you. im gonna go play as Hector, a man who wasnt a gay retard like i am. i was originally going to write something completely different, but i dont remember at all and there's a mosquito haunting me rn that i've literally slammed my hand down on 3 times and it wont die. it flies away every time when i lift my hand. it's invincible. im so mad y

k, im gonna go put a bunch of clothes on so it cant bite me AGAIN ill ttyl, pls take care of yourself i really mean that. you think i care how fat you are? i dont, if youre reading this, youre my fren and sibling in Christ no matter what. kk? GOT THAT? lets fuckin goooooooooooooooooooooo. sayonara bye bye pls take care of yourself, God bless.

2023-03-13: Christian Futurism

"y-you're just larping, y-you dont REALLY hate the antichrist do you??"

cope plus seethe plus dilate, demon. your desperate desire and need for the insincerity of Christian youth does not make it real.

"I-if you were a real Christian, you'd disavow anime and not be racist."


I bet you thought this post would be about Christian Futurism, didnt you? unfortunately for us both, you were wrong. wait 1 sec, i(male) gotta eat a piece of pie(apple)

ok. i didnt see Nick's entire speech, i just saw a few clips. seemed brilliant as always. as expected of Nick-san. he's truly a visionary. Conservatism is gay and dead. Christian Futurism is the only way forward. plus it's endorsed by that spinach brah guy, and he's even cooler than i am(very cool)

You WILL eat the steak.
You WILL get married and have kids.
You WILL live in a comfortably-sized home in a safe and beautiful community of your brothers and sisters.
You WILL attend Latin Mass on Mars.

You WILL read my blog post about Warriors: Legends of Troy

Warriors: Legends of Troy is a good game. i played exactly-one level and i can tell it's a good game.

i remember seeing it years ago when i was in a... Best Buy for some reason. i wonder why I was in a Best Buy. What was I best buying?

ill tell you what i wasnt best buying: Warriors: Legends of Troy. Because im sure it was like $60 at the time, and i determined--reasonably, no doubt, because im a reasonable person--that it wasnt worth $60.

so why am i playing it now? why am i spending time on something that isnt re-- hmm. well i dont like thinking about this LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-L.

but no, i do like the Warriors games. my first ever was Hyrule Warriors, which got me into Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, of COURSE that freakin Berserk game that i played to death.

but the problem with a lot of these spin-off games is that you dont really have to do anything on the battlefield except move forward. there's no strategy involved, you dont have to worry about defending your own bases. Hyrule Warriors kinda did it well.

on the other hand, i dont have the patience for full RTS games. or maybe im just too DUMB. whatever the reason is, it's nice when games hit that sweet spot of making you feel part of a bigg battle with different events going on that you have to cope with.

anyway, there's something good about seeing people("people") whine about "tradcath larpers". it means there's enough of a prescence to be felt, enough to necessitate kvetching. it means there's a change coming. it means Nick Fuentes is going to become President and make Warhammer 40k real, except it's not going to be grimdark, it's going to be a beautiful high fantasy space opera with no real threats to humanity, we're just going to be conquering planets (firey but mostly peaceful) in the name of Christ. But we're still going to be wearing power armor and stuff because idk, maybe there's like giant alligators or something on some planets and we have to be careful. idk how many of them are-- i havent thought this through. we'll cross that bridge when it comes. actually maybe there could be some major threat, lik

yo what iflmao now im just -- everything i said up until this point was serious, but i cant go on anymore.

anyway, WARRIORS: LEGENDS OF TROY. i uh. whatever man, im gonna golmao. please just take care, ill ttyl. exciting new SURPRISE vidya review coming soon. kk, that's itfornow God bless you fren.

2023-03-12: Rogue Phoneposting

kickin ass and taking names😎🚬

i dont feel like getting my laptop rn so here we are. born to be kings, we're the princes of the universe. heeeere we belong

FIGHTING TO SUR sry. i hope you're having a good one. friend, idk about you but I need a Highlander marathon now lol. i never saw the show, but the movies-- it's been so long i only really remember the first one.

oh anyway i uh, reviewed ROGUE WARRIOR

you know it's funny that i was too lazy to just get my laptop but phoneposting takes so much more effort.

too much in fact. so im not typing out another freaking paragraph tag. ok so let's see... idk, im gonna probably w--maybe not tonight but I'll tryyyyy to write some hunter x hunter nonsense just to get the juices flowing. th-- im going insane, i cant type like this anymore lmao. so that's that. moar story soon & next game review either Turok if it doesnt start boring me or Saw 2 if i can force myself to suffer through it. YOU pls take care, and ill ttyl. God bless.

2023-03-11: Hey Turok, you ever succ a dicc?

*tongue click gun cocking sound* "once or twice."

^that's a really funny joke my fren came up with when we were kids. remember? remember when they throw Turok a gun and ask him if he's ever used one? well what if they were ACTUALLY asking him if he'd ever okay enough

actually i rly did like this game a lotlol

TUUUUUROOOOK for the xbawks360. i hated that game. (liked it a lot)

it was the first (and only) time i was ever reported on xbox live, because some LOSER got mad at me that i knifed him as soon as he broke out of a raptor's grapple. boo-hoo nigga, it's not like i beat you by just that 1 kill 😂😂😂 you lost anyway bro i was just on another level 😂😂😂

that was back when we were all still throwing around the best slurs and threatening to IP-trace/hack/murder each other. No-one ever reported me for being rude. But GOD FORBID i get ONE ez kill off you because you were dumb enough to get caught by a raptor.

i reported him back though. you TARNISH my record, I TARNISH yours.

anyway... Turok? why am i talking about it? idk. i might play a bit soon. actually im gonna try out ROGUE WARRIOR first, which im really really excited for. i heard it was a masterpiece.

uhhhhhh killzone 2 sucks. how about that? what do you think about that? now what if i told you this:

it's actually really good, but compared to the first game it sucks. i mean bruh, the weapons in the first game have alt-fire. and they're fun. then suddenly NO, NOT ANYMORE? what's THAT about? killzone 1= carry 3 weapons, and they can do other things. killzone 2=CARRY *ONE* LONG GUN AND YOUR PISTOL? W--

actually that doesnt bug me so much. you know what bugs me even more? games where you can only carry 2 and you can actually choose both of them, which makes the pistols irrelevant. either let me carry 3 weapons, or FORCE ME to have a pistol like killzone 2. I JUST DONT WANT THEM TO BE WORTHLESS, i wanna empty muh primary gun and then desperately switch to my pistol LIKE GAZ TELLS YOU IN COD4LMAO

what w... oh so... Turok... i uh... i hated it. the stealth was very very iffy in it iirc. but maybe not, because ive also been discovering over the last few months, apparently i actually sucked at video games when i was a kid. because things that were hard at the time no-longer are. my giant adult brain can strategize in ways it couldnt before. my GIANT, THICK, GIRTHY MED BRAIN.

thank goodness im putting it to such good use by playing video games. you know my grandfather made a major contribution to a method of testing for cancer? im writing a blog about video games.

anyway-- ive got a headache. a terrible one, i didnt get enough sleepy weepy now im tire wire AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

kk, so these blog posts are fun in a way because im kinda just emptying my stupid brain(*genius brain) but as Elwin Ransom said when he decided he'd kill Satan to save the Eve of Venus, "This can't go on."

IT CANT. GO. ON., i gotta start writing stuff that isnt rambling TRASH again. proper funny stories, proper gayme reviews, proper #12 irish whiskey


kk, post's over. i know there's something i forgot, but-- i cant remember :') soooo ill just ttyl, right? let's both stay hydrated, and pls take care. God bless you.

2023-03-10: if you behead me and bernie sanders my wife, i win.

i gave in and got the $90 logitech vertical mouse. ill give the valid(objectively true) and lived experience of my body of colour with it after a quick word about Just Cause 2:

im bored with it now, so i need something else to play. maybe ill try just cause 1lOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

anyway, i just wanted t-- look, ill be quick. I think it's REALLY CUTE(aka really gay and retarded) that Destiny is trying to dunk on Muslims for being violent(granted) when he had his impotent little tantrum about killing Right-Wingers. do you remember that? i do. but no, i do think it's great that he's found the light and realized that non-violence is a good thing. especially for limp-wristed faggots such as himself, who aren't physically capable of committing violence in the first place.

that doesnt matter though, violence is just bad in general. even for someone like me, who isn't a mush-bodied slugman like destiny is.

anyway what? just cause 2 is boring lmao. i dont wanna play it anymore. it was fun while it lasted.

something terrible happened to me last night.

i found an old WD external drive, right? i try to see what's on it, not appearing in the file manager, but it's showing up under devices. i figure, hey, why not try to boot into windows for the first time in over a year and see if it'll read it there?

long story short: no -> WD is just trash -> ok fine, reboot -> mysteriously cannot boot into drive w/ manjaro anymore -> cant figure out why(im officially blaming windows though because i dont believe in coincidences, that's like finding a used condom in your bed with your wife passed out right there. maybe destiny would "need more evidence", but he's the very definition of a fucking midwit) -> about to go batshit insane -> finally have not just an excuse, but no choice but to install manjaro on the larger ssd that the old windows was still on. ->

happy ending. bye w*ndows, i hate you.

the 5 minutes that i was using it to check that wd drive were like fucking misery. it was soooooooo slooooooooooooooooow, it was like unreal. im never going back. ill buy a typewriter and train carrier pidgeons before i use that trash os again.

you know what's NOT trash though?

this stupidly-expensive mouse i got. but im hungry so im actually going to stop writing now. sorry about that--TOMORROW: guaranteed happy-fun vidya post/logitech vert mouse review/ZERO-complaining-about-destiny-i-know-im-being-a-fag-he-just-keeps-popping-up-i-gotta-resist i have such poor self-control when it comes to seething. i really am sorry. iM TRYING, IM N---aAAAAAAAAAAAAA

ok. that's it. i dont think im forg-- im sure i am. anyway i have to go eat pizza because NO MEAT ON FRIDAYS, amirite lads? kkk. take care, stay hydrated, have a happy and lovely day, God bless you friendo

2023-03-09: they lied about January 6th, but this is a blog post about video games.

old posts ARCHIVED/ first, a word from The Wisdom of Father Brown:

“Ezza!” cried the poet, rising and shaking hands in a pleasant astonishment. “Well, I’ve seen you in many costumes in the green room; but I never expected to see you dressed up as an Englishman.”

“This,” answered Ezza gravely, “is not the costume of an Englishman, but of the Italian of the future.”

“In that case,” remarked Muscari, “I confess I prefer the Italian of the past.”

“That is your old mistake, Muscari,” said the man in tweeds, shaking his head; “and the mistake of Italy. In the sixteenth century we Tuscans made the morning: we had the newest steel, the newest carving, the newest chemistry. Why should we not now have the newest factories, the newest motors, the newest finance—the newest clothes?”

“Because they are not worth having,” answered Muscari. “You cannot make Italians really progressive; they are too intelligent. Men who see the short cut to good living will never go by the new elaborate roads.”

GK Chesterton was such a good writer I can't even think straight, and yeah, im bIASED thinking about him rn because he always wrote such cool Italian characters. But watch me put my bias aside now and be totally objective, ready? Done. GK Chesterton was literally a genius and everything that he wrote was brilliant. dont believe me? read something he wrote: you'll notice immediately that it's nothing like the trash that comes from modern writers' fingers. it almost hurts me, as a Modern Man, that im cursed to be *in comparison* to the Chestertons and Lewises and Tolkiens, a redditbrained faggot. the same way that even the great strongmen of the North (i am the writer's equivalent) still exist in Current Year but are probably women in comparison to their literal-Giant hyperborean ancestors. The Eternal Anglo might be fallen today, but they once were such great writers, such great thinkers. And then they became atheists and started cutting their dicks off.

anyway, what...

vidya? i promised you vidya today, right?

Rico Rodriguez and the Magical Parachute lmao.

CaUASE TWEO : Just Cause 2 is the most stupid and fun game ive played in a while.

you have a magical parachute and grapnel gun that allows you to pull yourself through the sky like Spiderman except better, cooler, and Mexican.

it's retarded. very fun. i played the first one, but i dont think you could be sling yourself around and fly in it. or could you? HUH I GUESS ID BETTER PLAY IT AND FIND OU-- im mentally ill i need help, im playing too many games.

i might be getting over the damage that the worldwide pandemic hoax inflicted on me against my will(this is called rape). i comfortably lifted an amount that i hadnt in a like a year. so that's kinda cool. i still dont feel good though LMAO aHAHAHAHAHAHAHA they literally lied about everything and there's zero consequence for it. it was a completely transparent wealth transfer and America is dead.

imagine a nation that spends BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS AND UNTOLD TIME AND MANPOWER on: 1- pretending men are women 2- pretending sticking things up your asshole is good 3- just giving it away to certain foreign nations that are not your allies


we're a resource-rich nation no matter what, so look, dont let them trick you into fleeing. there's inherent value in the landmass that is the United States, that's why they're trying to force you to flee it. Of course, that doesnt matter necessarily in a digital nation. you could control the U.S.'s farmland from the other side of the planet, right? so fuck it, just f-- just do whatever to be safe, that's all. You already know What's Going On (White Genocide, etc. etc.) -- 1 sec my dog is attacking me lmao

anyway. I shouldnt be dancing around to all of these different games though, because i shoooooooooooooooooooooooould do a proper review soon. proper :)

Remember when i was playing Saw II? LMAOOOOOOO. what a piece of CRAP. WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP ill get back to it eventually. surely. definitely.

starting an open-world third person shooter probably wasnt the best idea. it might even be fair to say that it DEFINITELY wasnt a good idea. as if i need more ways to waste time.

i dont think you can replay missions in just cause 2, except the shitty race challenges, which so that sucks.

huh maybe i should just play mercenaries insteadHAHAHAHAAHAHAHFAFHRGIUAGR im gonna go

sry im in a bit of a mood today. i cant think straight, so im just gonna go. lame blog post. pls take care, stay hydrated, etc. ill ttyl, God bless