2022-12-06: my 3-day ban for defending White people on /v/ has ended

no, i didnt say any bad words! look, i wouldnt care if the retard i was replying to was banned too. because fine, "off topic". but i bet he wasnt. i bet the mod who banned me is the same Eurocuck who spams black cocks every morning. i HATE /v/, it's TERRIBLE, I JUST WANTED TO TALK ABOUT VIDEO GAMES WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE RACE AND TRANNIES

anyway this is a vidya post i guess. i rearranged my room last night. to try to uhhhh... get my TV... in a more.... idk. im just DOOMED to never be comfortable. doomed.

was there something im forgetting... oh [redacted]

im trying to be more positive. if i could just convince my friend to stop sending me shitty memes, id. id be happy. you know what? im gonna stop giving them reacs, that'll get him to stop lmao. wont it? i bet it will. like if he sends me something stupid, i just wont give it a reac anymore. ive BEEN giving them negative reacs, you know, a rainbow flag or a 6-pointed star, but that still gives him dopamine right? if i dont reac at ALL, then ... ... that'll... work...my dog is now climbing on top o

sry im back now. ive been trying to only share happy stuff with him, so WHY IS HE DOING THIS TO ME? why send me memes you know will annoy me? i dont want to just say "hey, can you stop sending me retarded shit?"

[more redactions]

OK OK so we have to end this blog post! we have to end it right away! and i still cant type on this freaking thing anyway reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! uhh... im sorry, i said this was video games. OK. im not gonna post this now then, ill write more later. and it'll be about VIDEO GAMES. right? lmao


hey, im back. uhh, let's see... no, i cant, im sorry. uhhhh... lmao. it's not a good day today, i was out a little too long, i cant think about video games rn. i explained to an old black man what an hdmi cable is, that's video game related right? OH here's... how... ive got an hdmi cable, loooooong one, running from my PC to my TV, but the problem is i cant really decide where i want to put my TV and my couch, and ANOTHER problem is i -- you know what, i should just... if i just embrace using the pro controller, i dont have to worry about running anything else to my pc, so... i should give up on being so much of a purist, right? i dont NEED to use a gamec-... ...

... yes i do... forget it. forget everything. this WAIT A MINUTE, ive definitely got a female to male usb extension cable somewhere, what am i even complaining about? forget everything, im gonna go now. this post sucks, I suck, im in a bad mood and im sorry, and uhhhhhhh. ill be in a better mood later, i just... idk, ill ttyl. i need to stop allowing so much negativity into my brain. i cant go on /v/ anymore apparently, i cant go on. anything.

i have to just watch korean girls eating massive amounts of food. it's the only pure background noise left. gotta have background noise. dont leave me alone with my brain. dont let me think. i ggarggirgrei AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I DONT LIKE.

im going to -- listen, knock on wood or better yet just pray for me pls, if i ever disappear, i had a heart attack and it was the covid injection, ok? that's all. i was forced to get an injection and ive been sick ever since. im losing more and more weight, i cant think, i cant eat, i cant write, i cant work, i cant do anything. i cant even FUCKING play video games excuse my language

anyway im gonna go. i just wanted to be positive and iROJGTRJGTRIHJRIHHT I DONT FEEL GOOD. IM SORR

take care pls, ttyl, God bless.

2022-12-04: "It was like Brutus tripped over his own toga."

fine, everyone was right about Milo. But I'm still not taking an L. i didnt say he was trustworthy! I just thought there was a possibility he wouldnt betray NICK. You know, it... idk. I thought maybe he was only a snake in professional relationships. I just... lmao, Nick went to his Baptism, man. I cant understand treachery sometimes. i just cant, man, it like hurts. like i "get" people not being loyal, but the part that i dont get it like, pretending to be someone's friend. that's the knife.

and they do it like for no reason, too. even from a psychotic utilitarian perspective, the beneficial relationships people will pointlessly burn down are crazy.

it reminds me of like Josh Moon and Maddox breaking up with Dick Masterson. Millionaire genius who makes you tons of money? Get him out of your life ASAP. (Maddox had a slightly less-bad reason than jewsh but this isnt a LORE POST)

whatever, idc. this at least guarantees that i never have to finish the Milo Post. So really when you think about it, it's my W. And it's yours too, because you'll never have to read a deep dive post about Milo Yiaoyjaoiyjaoigplis from me where I desperately explain why he's not such a bad guy after all. So let's both just take our W and forget aaaaaaaaaaall about me semi-defending Milo.

anyway... what else do you want to talk about? Vidya? oh, i got... idk what it's called... tachi... t... behind the twilight... 1 sec...TASOMACHI: Behind the Twilight.

it's pretty decent. TONS of missed potential, i can tell. but it's comfy. the towns are fun to explore, and there's talking cats. there's stores to buy stuff which is neato, but you cant use the vending machines so that upsets me a lot.

i love the like... railroad signage and stuff. the towns are just totally beautiful and they make me happy. i wish more gam--- ahhh i should look for some more nice-looking games. wasnt there like... one with a girl who wears a mask... and rides around on a hover-bike... in the desert... i cant remember...

anyway i like beautiful things. so i like you, and i like my dog. she's very yellow. and therefore TASOMACHI: Behinf the Twi-- I STILL CANT TYPE ON THIS FREAKIN KEYBOARD-- ill try to remember to review it when im done. itll be goo "goo" itll be goo practice for typing on this keyboard typing on this keyboard typing on this keyboa IT'S TOO SMALL I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW PEPLE TYPE ON STUFF LIKE THISTGTRSJRTH

ok, thats all. im gonna do. "do" im GONNA GO I CAN TYPE LIKE THIS.(edit:I *CANT TYPE LIKE THIS) ill ttyl, take care please and God bless you.

2022-12-03: hi i like anime and everything is ok

hey, ready for another blog post where i complain about being sick? sry, iiiiiii dont feel good. thats all. just let me vent a little bit and then ill talk about anime i promise

i uhhhhhhhhhhh LMAO. i just dont feel good. like it's the worst ive felt in my life and it's been going on for months now. i feel less-bad than i did on DAY 1, but that was like "im about to go to the hospital" level. Thank God now ive got a great doctor and medication that's kinda helping, but it's just not enough. every day i still just feel pain and of coooooooooooooooourse the medication causes other problems, and those other problems just add to my stress and AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHA

i got a new laptop. "new", it's a refurbished lenovo yoga. i like it though, ive never had a 2-in-1, so ill try to draw more. it's very convenient. im not used to typing on it though, it's a littl ebit-- fffff. it's a little bit smaller than my old laptop. "old", i had it for 7 years and it was always perfect. it still is, but you know what happened? a hinge broke and i just dont have the energy to fix it. becaUSE IM SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

7 years is a long enough time, i dont have to feel bad. of course i do anyway, i feel like im giving up. and i am. but only for now, i WILL fix that hinge, when i FEEL like it. i dont feel like it, i cant even blogLOL.

i dont like this keyboard grrrrrrrawrrrrrrrrr RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH

so im watching Demon Slayer now. i already red... read th e........ i already read it, but it's neato to watch it. i like it a lot, it's got uh... idk what to call it, heart? let me put it this way: Attack on Titan was a waste of time to read after they left the island. the Lost Girls shorts were pefect though and Annie is perfect and Mikasa is perfect and it's OK to not be able to pick. Obviously Mikasa. Even if i like Annie's nose, it's always going to be distracting me.

where was i... attack on titan was a waste of time. Demon Slayer did not leave me with that feeling, because it wasnt like, this gay gritty le realistic George RR Martin story. It was better than that. it had a good heart to it. idiot lit majors like Nick Rekieta will shit on anime for "objectively bad" storytelling, but simplicity isn't bad, it's uh, lmao it's good. it's actually better. that's not even just me being defensive, because KAIRO still might be the best movie ive ever seen and it's NOT HAPPY. it DEFIES what i want yet STILL remains outstanding. i hate how good it is when i think of its ending, but ... i bet i can find some happiness in there somewhere...

when it comes to a good story, i dont accept the opinion of a LAWYER who only likes violent rape anime and books about priests being raped by aliens.

i no-longer accept feel-bad misery trauma downer depression stories. No. What *I* like is Kagome calling up at Sesshomaru "BIG BROTHERRRRR! :D ". if your ending isnt happy, leave me alone. the SADDEST i will accept is Angel Beats which still left room for happiness.

man, Zenitsu is really annoying though. he was a lot more tolerable on paper. i know there's a lot of WHACKY freak-out scenes, so idk if i can even tolerate it tbh. and ive been watching the dubs so im already not doing so good. ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

anyway im not good at typing on this thing yet so im just gonna go. sorry for uh. everything. i gotta go take my medicine. do me a favor and pray for me if you would, it'd mean a lot to me. iiiiiiiii. that's all for now... ttyl... oh, i got... i got that anime girl game with the airship and she jumps around collecting stuff to fi............... maybe tomorrow.. im gonna go okok uhhhhhh..ttyl. take care please and God bless you

2022-12-02: God show me the way because the devil's tryna break me DoWn.

Either Jesus said so or Jesus said no.

what a terrible time to not want to talk about politics. happy December btw

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. great interview with Alex Jones. [i deleted 3 paragraphs here about Tim Pool, conversation-killers, optics, and funny puppet shows]

here's the bottom line: Ye's already won, Nick's already won, and Americ--well, too soon to tell we're still probably gonna die LOL.

But now instead of goblin handlers sending him threatening text messages, Ye's got people like Nick and Sneako with him who know what's going on and aren't going to GASLIGHT him. You see all these FAGGOTS insisting that Nick and Milo are just USING the poor dumb negro who cant think for himself, and it's like 1- Kanye West, now Ye btw, is smarter than you. He just is, I'm sorry. 2- Nick Fuentes and Milo Yiaoyajyoiajghpolus, unlike "the people who just want to help Ye" are not going to lock him in a mental hospital and lobotomize him for speaking unpleasant truths. They probably cost less, too. He's not INSANE. He's at best a little too emotional. A huge celebrity who's been fucked with in ways normal people can't imagine is EMOTIONAL? Stop the presses. Or at least just stop acting like he can't feed himself and wipe his own ass when he's smarter, more capable, probably more emotionally stable, (and now we know more funny too) than YOU, you dim witted """"""""""mental health"""""""""" advocate. Emotions are good, let them out. It's okay to talk about the people who abuse you.

It's okay to talk about the peoples who abuse you.

uhhhhhhhh what was i... idk. you know i wrote a Milo post, but it's not even worth it. Uhh... British guy... Mark Collette? He's right about Milo not being trustworthy based on what's like the popular public lore of him. But I'm ehhh, idk. Like I have a lot of questions, and LET'S JUST SAY the Lauren Southern video didn't exactly impress me, at all. Let's JUST say that it actually anti-impressed me and gave me a lot of "Hmmmm" moments that she didn't intend, but she's a retard and her cameramen are gay communists so of course that happened.

Also I think there's a difference in Milo's relationship with Nick that makes Nick safe from Milo's uhhhh... tendancy to uh, be. a... snake. Or maybe I'm wrong since Nick was friends with Jaden and Destiny. Frankly I think there's a different story behind Milo entirely than the popular lore, but that's for the MILO POST which may or may not ever be finished anyway, so who cares? At the very least, we know from the way Nick operates that if Milo decides to pull a Judas, he won't be able to do much or any damage to him anyway. IM JUST SAYING i think th-- nothing, nevermind. Tee-hee, wait for the Milo Post!

coming never.

This was supposed to be a Ye post, I'm sorry. Idk, what is there to really say right now? He's not crazy and everyone who hates him is either retarded or, well, you know, like that uh, individual who stole his money, or the individual who blacklisted him in Hollywood, or the individual who cancelled his Adidas deal, or any of the individuals working for the Anti-Individual Defamation League who for some individual reason hold massive sway over corporations, but we're all individuals so aaaaaaaaaanywayyyyyyyyyyy


"Oops, I did it again!" --Martyr Brittany Spears, and also me rn because i DONT LIKE TO TALK ABOUT SAD STUFF IM SORRY im gonna just golol. uhhhhh... video games. i PROMISE, ill just start posting about video games and anime.

I finished Inuyasha btw. is that enough for an-- OK *CLAPS HANDS LIKE AN ANIME CHARACTER* TOMORROW, an anime post. Lets go. no more politics. EH.VER. look at me, imagine the Total Drama Island Guy. EH. VER.

take care pls, no matter what. uhhhh, oh, how about my old priest's blessing?

May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the Sun shine warmly upon your face, and the dew fall gently upon your fields, and until we meet again. God bless.

2022-11-29: POWER DYNAMICS

im almost done re-watching Inuyasha and it occurs to me that a lot of kids growing up now are going to be so mentally broken by like, autistic leftist relationship hyper-analysis that they're not going to be able to appreciate how great Sesshomaru and Rin's story is.

creepy, rapey, unbalanced power dynamics. and that AGE DIFFERENCE! thousands-year old dog demon lord hanging around a little human girl? it's so over, Sesshomabros. Dog Demons are the REAL groomers!

it's uhhhhh. Sad, I guess. idk what else to call it lmao. Like people like *Whatever-The-Fuck Random Leftist Vlogger I Can't Even Remember Or Keep Track of Them All Anymore Who Cares* will go on apology-campaigns for dating an adult woman who was 4 years younger than them, because POWER DYNAMICS. Another shitty vague concept brought to you by the Worst People In the World.


Sesshomaru did nothing wrong, nigga i DONT CARE. Ok? I don't care. I'm tired of the gay anti-human way (#notall) leftists talk about--well everything, but particularly human relationships. Everything has to be squeezed into these definitions, these TROPES, what a DISGUSTING word. If anyone ever said the word TROPE to me irl, I'd punch them in the face so hard they'd die on their feet.

Ummmm, you do realize that human beings don't talk like this... *blinks* ...right?

I'm going to shut up because I'm literally getting mad at imaginary people anyway LMAO. I'm sure SOMEONE doesnt like the CREEPY WEEPY RAPEY WAPEY POWA DYNAMICS of their relationship, but maybe it won't be the majority of people, right?

I'd like to think most people can recognize it as an incredible story of a girl's life and a heartless monster finding something to care about.

wow, it was another NEGATIVE post, i got a little too MAD again, im sry. can this be salvaged at all? idk, i did g-- i got a little heated maybe. and look, i know it's not just LEFTOIDS, im sure plenty of people on the RIGHT are too autistic to appreciate Sesshomaru and Rin, too so i dont want you to think im picking on you, leftoid reading this.

idk, wanna talk about something else?

no, i gotta go i think. maybe ill lol i wanna write about Kikyo, but i have nothing to say except she's perfect and im going to start crying like a WOMAN if i start writing about her and im not in the mood to CRY right now, gotta get it together.

gotta be like Shippo. KEEP IT TOGETHER. Kikyo is so amazing. So was that other priestess towards the end, I cant remember. who got spider-webbed? she was awesome.

let's face it, Naraku would get bodied by literally any priestess 1v1 if they were ever prepared for him. he's such a weak little BETAAAAAAAAAAAAAA LMAO LITERALLY ALWAYS HIDING IN A BARRIER AT ALL TIMES AHAHAHAHAHAHA BUBBLE BOY ASS MUHFUCKA

alright, i think we're at the end of the post now. im sorry, i think this was still overly-negative. it's all defiled like the Shikon jewel. can we purify it? uhhhhhh yeah, here. Inuyasha is just such a great show, that's all. it's been a pleasure re-watching it, no matter how many fruitless wind scars were attempted, it's been great. Kagome, like Kikyo, is perfect, and her going back and forth between worlds is just COOL, and you love to see it. it's comfy. they're the most boring episodes but for some reason i wish there were a lot more of them. that's weird... idk.

alright im rambling, we're ending the post. i hope you take care, and please stay safe aaaaaaand that's it, right? right. ttyl, God bless you.

2022-11-27: let that sink in

Elon Musk came to me last night and offered me a lot of money to make my website less bad. i told him id to my best, but now im worried that hes going to fire me. im really expendable, i dont actually do any important work on this w--

it sounds like im being mean to the twitter employees who were fired, and i didnt mean that. i guess i kind of did, nvm. it must have been in my head when i was typing it.

well they deserved it, i dont. so ill do my best for Mr. Musk! a lot of GREAT NEW STUFF will be ... .....coming ... Didn't Ask Blue launched today. It's free by default, but if you send me $8 worth of select crypto, you get special perks like priority support and uh, ill add your site button to minlmao aaaaahhhhhh nvm im tired. i dont feel good. my shoulder's not terrible, but ive jsut had a pretty stressful day, and im getting worse at coping with everything in life

i found a pic of me lifting weights from about 7 years ago. Those arms are so freakin huge. i guess they're still not bad. i need to ... get back to normal. im so tired. im in so much painlmao WOWWWWWWW PAINPOSTING. HES PAINPOSTING AGAIN.

i wanted to write a new book but honestly im just tired, all the time. im always tired, im always nervous, im always scared. it's affecting my physical fitness, my ability to work, my ability to write, my ability to ENJOY things, and im just fucked up man, sorry for the language.

AH BLOO HOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO no the post wont just be complaining. i was gonna... ive got a few ideas in my head. hopefully some funny stories coming soon. id like to uh... finally get THE AUDIOBOOK of Awkward Conversations up somewhere. I might pay for Neopets lmfao i meant to say Neocities, i might pay for neocities so i can just upload them directly here or something. thats a feature isnt it? more file types? lemme see... ah yeah, that'd be neat, right? id have to ask my friend if he's comfortable with his voice being up on the Internet, he just did it for the two of us to laugh about. but he's SO talented, i love him.

i really love him. im getting sentimental rn because im so stressed out man lmao im stressed out and i just took some medicine and im just exhausted.

i used to work out 6 days a week. a stranger told my dad "your son is built like a truck", and my cousin's said my chest is bigger than hers. people always say they can tell I work out. everywhere i go, im if not the most in-shape guy in the room, im not mogged. I'm not even a HUGE guy, i dont think my skeleton can support my dreams. im just in shape, and that's something that ive always felt good about having. and now things are happening to me that are making it very difficult for me to stay as committed to fitness as I used to be. im so tired i cant evEN BLOG, everything in my fucking life LMAO pls excuse my language, it's hard to work, it's hard to play, my gf's fucking annoyed at me, which makes me annoyed at her. LOL. my cousin (smaller chest one) actually had the same medical problem im having and it took her like 7 months to recover. and SHE is like, on a different level than i am.

she's got that Trump energy, where she can just do like, anything. anything she wants to do, she can do. life, business, she's doing not just better than me, but like better than most people in general. i bet the only reason my chest is bigger than hers is because she's actually fit as fuck too and an elite athlete. Her abs are better than mine. if she was a man, she'd be stronger than me.

what was i even talking about? oh. well since she was screwed up for 7 months, i guess ill be better in aboooooooooout 2 years :) idk, we'll see.

anyway, uhhhhh my friend's a really talented and funny voice actor though. so it'd be fun i think if i could share some of his work here. either way, ive got a lot of more writing that i want to do. i just have to uhhh... do it.

ive fallen out of the habit, i just need to get back into it. get my creative juices flowing i guess. idk. dude im ... im ok. God willing.

hope YOU'RE taking care and pls do. Uhhh.. idk is that it? oh man is this-- im oversharing tonight, but i finally replied to a really old email. an old atheist friend of mine came to Christ. i hate how bad i am at responding to emails, but that was nice news to read today. very nice news. that really makes me happy. he was always a good guy. once on Christmas we got into a debate about Sargon and Kraut's secret discord server trying to take down the alt-right lmao oh man that was a shitty morningahahahahaha. He was defending Kraut! but im too aggressive when i argue with people, i was very rude, or i was, maybe i can be better now, idk. i try. i really try to

idk what im saying anymore, im sorry. im gonna go i guess. please take care. God bless.

2022-11-26: I'm Ye, welcome to America First. We've got a great show for you tonight.

the end of an era. Nicholas J. Fuentes is a genius and an American hero. He deserves it.

What's gonna happen? lmao who knows. but hooking up with Ye is an ascent any way you slice it. It's good for Nick, it's good for Ye, it's good for the country. It's bad for --well lmao. But forget about them, what about the cope posting this week?


All over the place lmao. There's got to be a term for this. Moving the goalpost? No. Moving the copepost. Nothing Nick Fuentes does will ever be good enough for the retards/anti-Christs who hate him. Yes, he's an effective political commentator who had to be removed from all major platforms and still manages to have a self-hosted nightly show viewed by thousands, yes he can bring over a thousand people to an IRL political action event, including congressmen, yes he has over a hundred zoomers working for him all over the country that he's planting in political roles, yes, he's a millionaire lmao. But what about that time he hung out at the mall with his catboy friend, it's over Nickbros, he's gay. It's so over, he said his friend who he let live with him left a mess and he needed a blacklight to clean up after him; he's a cum hunter. Daddy Jim was right, let's just watch anime and die together. See you on Chudbuds.cum!!!!! We can say NIGGER there! THE ADMIN'S GONNA HELP US GEO-LOCATE THE GUNT, SO MUCH FOR THE MEXICAN CHILD LEADER OF WHITE RACE!!!!!

Anklebiters have the smallest souls. In Dark Souls, those really-tiny ones that are only worth like 50 or 100? Those were ankle biters who died coping with the success of their enemies: greater men.

I don't watch America First, I actually hate politicslmao. So I won't miss the show. but I'm happy for Nick, because, like Trump said at their dinner, he's a smart guy. And he deserves to be doing something more than wha-- well, he already has been, no-longer having to do a nightly news show? That's gotta be incredibly freeing.

He said what, a few weeks ago? "If Ye told me to drop everything and come work for him, I would." Here we are. Incredible.

So now what? Idk. It's easy to just say "No one thought Trump would win in 2016!", but now that our elections are MORE SECURE THAN EVER :) it's really uhhh, idk. That's legit a hydra of issues. That's too far ahead anyway.

I hope Trump doesn't keep getting MYSTERIOUS PHONE CALLS and turn fully against Ye, because an endorsement from either of them for the other would be powerful, and would need some serious FORTIFICATION to beat. But idk. The only thing I'm sure of is that the election will be the most secure ever.

that or Russia will hack it by buying a facebook ad.

i hope youre having as good a day as Nick is probably having rn, it was ANOTHER "Nick Fuentes is Great" post i know, but NO MORE POLITICS, next post we'll talk about something totally different. kkk i rly gotta go pls take care, we're all gonna make it, it's Ralph level, etc. God bless you.

2022-11-24: Happy ThanksgivingšŸ¦ƒ

hey, i hope youre doing well.

before we get into the Thanksgiving post, can I ask you something?

Password managers. Do you use one? Null recommended like 2 a long time ago, one paid and easier, one free and a little rougher, and it's like uhhhhhh... idk. I've never used one. i have no idea what they're like at all.


idk. i do know that ive been PWNED a few times lmao and i havent even bothered to change those passwords because it's such a pain in the ass. so some of my emails/passwords are still PWNED even right now, and i just dont really care. i wonder if i can log into my old neopets account... nah, i think i probably dont have the email anymore.

remember when everyone was giving neopets shit for being run by sci-- were they scientologists or mormons? WHATS THE DIFFEREim just kidding. idk how i feel about 4chan's war against scientology anymore. like yeah they're gay and wrong, but redditors just call everything they dont like cults. there's a uh-- ahhh, this will have to be a different post i think. i think i have some thoughts about the "they're isolating you from your friends!" meme, you know the one. THAT is a different post though. We'll do a CULT POST. reminders to self-- mormonbros, isolation vs. separation/rejection, "youve changed" etc. dont worry, i think scientology is probably a cult at the moment, we went to the moon, the earth isnt flat, dinosaurs existed AND had feathers, and our elections have never been more secure.

ok im being a dick because it's probably not fair to compare the perception of scientology as a harmful cult to the reality of widespread U.S. election fraud. [started rambling again]

i lost my place because i just deleted 3 paragraphs. are we still on scientology? nah, who cares lmao that's-- i dont care. im just going to defer to the crowd on this one. it's not a topic that i feel like spending time on. so no, no scientology/cult post.

how did i end up here? password managers? do you use one? do you recommend it? pls let me know, if there's a way of managing my passwords safely that doesnt rely on me like, trying to remember things, that'd be cool.

in the meantime, like a real IT pro, ill just keep them on a sticky note taped to my monitor. [edit: i ended up trying Bitwarden, im using it for now i guess?]

anyway, let's give thanks.

uhhhhhhh... my shoulder hurts lmao.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

Thank you God, for all that you've given us. For the food we eat--particularly the precious meat. for the houses we live in. Thank you for our families, our friendos. Thank you for the clothes on our back. the chairs that hurt my back AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAEIROUJRTAHIOJRTSHJITSHR

Thank you for the Internet, no matter how gay and bad it is. For NeoCities, which is pretty cool and at least not as bad as normal social media. Thank you for all of the little conveniences and pleasures in life that we take for granted, and please help us to not take them or anything for granted.

Better men than us have been given much less. Thank you for giving us what you have, and please help us to be more worthy, and to be thankful, always. Help us to be thankful when we're sick, hungry, and in pain.

my shoulder aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Amen? Happy Thanksgiving. tomorrow: Trump impressed with Fuentes? It just keeps getting better.

2022-11-23: [REDACTED]

happier post. i said yesterday id make a happier post today. soooooooooooo... gimme a sec sry, i deleted the one i wrote...

idk, what do you want to talk about? idk. im probably just going to like... lie down and play breath of the wild after this lol. i cant believe my GREATEST ENEMY has become my comfort game when im not feeling well.

the way i play botw now is just really different than when i first played and didnt like it. that probably sounds normal lol. but im very conservative with resources in games. you know, im a real "i might need this potion for later/never ends up using it" kinda guy. botw really is a lot more fun if you just kinda goof off and try to be creative. shooting a bomb arrow at a single red bokoblin is a waste of money, but it's also pretty funny.

and it really is just so easy to get money in the game. so use it! otherwise you'll just end up with 999,999. like me, over and over. i started getting ancient weapons to use on regular enemies. every time i see a banana salesman, i buy all 99. USE IT OR LOSE IT. right? iiiiiiiiiiiii... yeah.

still plenty i dont like about the game. but it's like, just a bunch of little stuff. id do anything for there to be fishing in it. i wish you could swim underwater. i still think you should be able to repair weapons without doing a ridiculous glitch, especially the rare ones from amiibos that you get by random. id love for there to be maaaaaaaaaaasks other than the few DLC ONES. why are there no instruments? WHAT IF YOU COULD PLAY THE SONG OF STORMS bruuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

you cant pet the dogs. in twilight princess you can PICK UP the dogs AND PLAY FETCH WITH THEM.

but botw has its charms. they're just... idk, spread out so much thinner. i like to feed my horse when he's done a good job of not pissing me off. it's nice to bunker down and make a little fire to avoid the annoying stal enemies.

the koroks just arent good though, man. they're just not. they could be a LOT better if they were like gossip stones, and actually told you unique things. the entire inventory is just bad. redditors talk about "experimentation!" but there's only a handful of weapon types and all of the weapons within them share the same attacks, so why not just give me a slot for each type of weapon--muh 1-hand sword, muh 2-hand sword, muh spear, and not make them break in a couple dozen hits? or LET ME REPAIR THEM raregoegeoigtiojgreoijgreiojrgoijgresiojgresoijgsreioj IDK JUST FIGURE IT OUT BECAUSE THE SYSTEM ISNT GOOD

i do like that you can literally just steal weapons from hinoxes though, and without even waking them up if you're careful or wearing sheikah armor. keep that, but why not let me buy weapons in stores too :( I MEAN BESIDES THE ANCIENT ONES. like give me a place where i can just buy a shitty beater sword for 20 rupees flat and no EXTRA MATERIALS, as if fighting guardians is fun, iT'S NOT FUN THEY'RE ANNOYING AND THEYRE NOT HARD AND I DONT LIKE THEM AND THE MUSIC IS BAd

there's a lot of things i like about breath of the wild. i guess because it's so big there's bound to be tons of stuff i dont like too. but ive been too hard on it in the past. or maybe my sickness is eating my brain

i recently started using food to lure enemies away from each other. it works absurdly well and it's something i neeeeeeverrrrrrrrrrrr did when i first played it. it's ez pz to stealth a camp at night when everyone's asleep, but REAL HEROES stealth camps in broad daylight using the hundreds of bananas they've bought to empty their wallets.

is that everything?... i guess i like that the Gerudo lady in Death Mountain pays more for gems. so it gives me a reason to visit her. i like that there's reasons to go to different places, that's kinda neato, right? idk. it's a good game. i like it a lot, im just kinda like an obsessive asshole freak who needs everything to be perfect so when i see a gem fall into water that i cannot dive in to get, and it's in a spot where i cant even use magnesis on my lynel crusher to get behind it and pull it out of the water, i cant help but think HEY THIS WOULD BE THE PERFECT ZELDA GAME TO ALLOW YOU TO ACTUALLY DIVE UNDERWATER OR SOMETHING

but. it's good. it's uhhhhhhh. it's good.

im tired. im gonna go play now. ttyl, pls take care, God bless you

2022-11-22: they knew it wasn't safe. they knew it wasn't effective. the media was their mouthpiece. misinformation(intentional or not) was presented as indisputable fact. accurate information was labeled as misinformation, and censored. they forced the entire planet to take it. they stole children from their parents. they locked people in their homes, they imprisoned them in camps. they murdered people and then denied the cause of their deaths. and it's all ok nbd lol :)

post unrelated sry LOL

anyway HAHAHAHA i was playing new Chilla's Art game, THE BATHOUSE, and it's pretty good. def not their best work, another "mid" entry for them. but a mid entry for them is still worth more than like 99% of....................idk, anything. any other developer, indie or corporate. i will always rather play a new Chilla's Art game.

i got the bad ending because i suck, but ill try again. i have high hopes.

im still sick. i dont like vague posting, but i also dont like sharing too much.

ideally, ill be better in about 3 more months. i might have to take some tests in a few weeks. illhahahahaha im not uhhhh. i dont want you to think that im like vomiting blood and not long for this world, but i also dont just have a flu or anything. I'll uhhhhh, ill probably be aight, God willing. God not willing, i get to not be in such a gay and retarded world anymore LOL.

no though, i really dont want to oversell it. it's bad, but im not -- lmfao i also dont want to unde-- dude, i am in lifestyle-altering pain. ill leave it at that.

immmmmmmm gonna hmm.. im gonna go... sweep my garage... i have this weird feeling there was something in the garage that i was going to do but now i cant remember... uhh...

bad post today, sry. i dont really feel good LOL. next time illllllllllllllllllll... idk, ill write about something happy and fun. like maybe ill get the good ending of THE BATHHOUSE. ill try later, i gotta go uhhhhhhhhh ill ttyl. pls take care, God bless

2022-11-20: We're so back.

Nick Fuentes x Ye confirmed? what a beautiful world lmao. i dont even care anymore. our elections might be rigged--provably--all our of media might be controlled by people who want to rip boys' penises off and tear girls' breasts off--but you know what? lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i dont care lmaoooooooooooooooooooooo everything's gonna be OK. The Devil is a defeated foe.-- AND LOOOOL MILO IS THE CAMPAIGN MANAGER? AFTER --sorry, caps lock,

After President Ye and Vice President Fuentes start putting the country back together--giving us like, cool Japanese rail systems, and also gundams, and cat girls(and boys, i know), finishing the Great Wall of Trump, executing the drug dealers and pornographers, and building a throne for Christ on the top of the Capitol building-- when things start really getting GOOD again-- all the men are strong and brave, all the women are fit and don't have such shitty attitudes, we will have entered a NEW political system called GAMERGATEISM. AND THEN, the FINAL STEP...


anyway ahahahha i uhhhhh-- i wanted to write about something entirely different, but i cant remember, i accidentally got too excited.

bro, it's uh, idk. lmao. i have a friend, a very good guy-- better man than me by far in a lot of ways, but i have to like CONSTANTLY stop him from getting blackpilled about women. he sees nothing but these awful memes of -- oh you know, women screencapping their conversations, and anti-family memes like "ooooo my life might suck but at least i dont have kids", like oooooooooooohohoho dude, it's so bad. it's like just BAD out there, that the American NORM for youth is just like, deadbrain hedonism, hating babies, jerking off constantly, having sex with as many people as possible, being totally anti-Christian, and, mysteriously, also a lot of depression-posting.

where am i going with this... oh. is now the time to talk about the Woman Question? uhhhhhhhhhhhh... nah. ultimately ill always just have the same thing to say. nothing can ever doom you as surely as yourself. there is NO ONE ON EARTH who can decide that you will never meet a good woman to be with, except yourself. that's like uhhhhh, part one. that's the easy part. the other part is you gotta kinda look at yourself, like REALLY look at yourself.

do you DESERVE a cute tomboy girlfriend? what's so special about you? this isn't uh, Welcome to the NHK!, as great as that'd be, a crazy girl isn't going to just come knocking on your door and save you. It's you, nigga. YOU have to take action, and not just action but GOOD action, you have to be moving toward something, you cant stand still, ever.


no this isn't the Relationship Post. i wont be ready to write that until i can figure out how to SIT COMFORTABLY at my STUPID DESK RAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. ive got a lot to say about --lmfao as a Male Feminist, i am an EXPERT on the fairer sex, you see. and there's ntolmfao okok no nothing more right now. for now, please just dont doom yourself.

this post started out about Ye, how did this happen? Oh, uhh... i guess the MESSAGE to take here is, the blackpill is gay, retarded, and misinformation. OK? Nick Fuentes met Kanye West. That's the world we're living in. So, trust God, chill out, dont stress eat, do your push-ups, do your pull-ups, get one of those bars that go on your door frame, be VERY VERY VERY careful because if you pull yourself up too wildly, it'll come loose and you'll fall right on your back. ok? pull-ups are the greatest exercise in the world. nothing wil--

A wise anon once said "Go do 100 push-ups and tell me that you want to kill yourself." well I say do just TEN pull-ups, and tell me how you feel. Th-- now it's an exercise post... no it's not, let's finish up here.

im sorry for ... wait, this wasnt a bummer post, was it? no, i dont think it was. uhhh... hmm. Well, just take care please. do your push-ups, be safe, and ill ttyyl. God bless you.

sliding doors

i fixed a glass sliding door today. when i say "fixed" i mean "made less bad", but come Monday? It better prepare itself to get FIXED.

the uhhhhh... actually it's kind of a mystery what was wrong with it. I feel like L rn trying to understand where everything went wrong. 1 sec, lets put on his theme... there we go.

Here's what we know about Kira's sliding door...

Day 1- door is meh. doesnt slide well, but works.

Day 2- i clean the track with a uh, whatchama-- a length of pipe cleaner. Door becomes MUCH better. No activity from Kira.

Day 3- i fly too close to the Sun. I clean the track again. *SOMETHING HAPPENS*--Japanese law enforcement are alerted--and now, the trim of the door is scraping against the uh, you know, the outside of the channel.

SO WHAT HAPPENED? Well honestly i have no idea right now. Because here's the thing: it's scraping because there's a piece of uh-- whatchamacallit-- you know that fabric, the felt stuff? that goes down the uh... it's like inserted and goes around the frame? it's missing at that spot. maybe when I was cleaning, I knocked it out of place, maybe a Shinigami took it. but-- was that really the only thing preventing the scraping? was THAT what was allowing the door to move so smoothly? I GUESS, because what else could it be?

We're playing a dangerous game.

the uhhh... rollers. the roller on the side of the door that was scraping-- it was like ALL the way up. Like I can't say for sur-- i have no idea how any of this was even working. it was like flush with the door, which doesnt make sense because of THAT TRIM THAT SCRAPES THE OUTSIDE-- HOW could the roller be so far inside the frame? Even now, I have them extended almost to their limit and the trim is BARELY not scraping. This scraping issue only started after the second cleaning, so what did I do? Did I knock out like, MAGIC FELT that was so slick, so beautifuly greasy, yet so TOUGH, so that-- as im saying this i realize that it must be the exact case. it's the only explanation. there cannot be another explanation.

what's the fix? I can saw off part off that part of the door-- allowing me to freely adjust the rollers to find where exactly it all went wrong... unless... unless the trim when it was felted, really was such a CRUCIAL part of the door's sliding mechanism? could that BE?

Whatever the answer is, I can do no more today. Tomorrow is the Lord's day, so it can't be helped.

If my suspicions prove correct, then Monday... I'll be dead. or the sliding door will be all done.

i hope youre having agood one, pls take care, ttyl God bless.

2 hour showers

i was taking a shower and in-between having imaginary political arguments with myself, i remembered something funny.

Nick Fuentes's ex-friend revealing that Nick will spend 2 hours in the shower.

There's 2 ways for a person to react to this information. You either just think it's weird, because you're an insectoid midwit whose brain shuts down when something is weird. Or, you go one step further, and you recognize it not just as weird, but as the mark of a genius.

I can't imagine spending 2 hours in a shower alone with just my thoughts. I can't say for sure, but I'm assuming he's not listening to anything lmao, I imagine he's just there brooding under the water. Frankly even if he is like just listening to something and not really thinking that hard, that at least shows a man in desperate need of stress relief. And it's not surprising, the demands of a Catholic/true Christian life are agonizing. Especially for a young man. Now throw on being the leader of a political movement with the entire establishment against you. I can't imagine the stress. BARE MINIMUM: It's funny. Taking a 2 hour shower is, if absolutely nothing else, hilarious.

Uh oh, it's another "Nick Fuentes is Great" Post. WAIT YOU DONT UNDERSTAND.

I mean, yeah it is one of those, but it really won't be much longer. I basically just wanted to comment on the 2 hour showers lmao. It's just one of those things, you know? It's like, people try to tear down GENIUSES with the dumbest, most petty shit imaginable.

Remember, "Trump likes his steaks well-done! He had 2 scoops of ice cream! A few of his dozens of business ventures failed! One time an employee at one his hotels didnt get paid!!!!!"

Okay, well since you've revealed this meaningless trivia to me in an effort to sway me against him, I have no choice but to hate you instead, because you are a like, an evil mosquito.

You know who doesn't take 2-hour showers? People like Destiny who humilate their wives for fun on livestreams. And are also dumb. Destiny is not smart. He is dumb, and he does not take 2 hour showers I GUARANTEE IT.

so 2 hour showers are based. i cant take them, im not strong enough, im not smart enough, im not tortured enough, i dont have the spirit. but i can appreciate it.

NEXT TIME, i pwomise a nice funny happy post. at least this one wasnt a bummer right? no, i was kinda negative about destiny, ahhhhhhh man. he's really dumb though, im sorry. he's really dumb. but ill work on uhhh, not being an asshole, i know im too much of an asshole.

pls take care, ttyl, God bless

YES, Women ARE Funny (And That's a Good Thing)

The results are in. The science is settled. A new study, conducted by ME, has concluded that women actually are funny. and unlike idiot youtubers shilling fake vaccines that damage your heart and ruin your life, I'm an ACTUAL scientist. A funny one.

For decades or even centuries, the common wisdom has been that women are not funny. This has been the overhwelming consensus, meaning it's true. But prepare your consent sus, because what I discovered just last night SHOCKED me to my CORE. Posture check btw, I wasnt sitting up right/upright. Gotta adjust my monitor, 1 sec...

So get this. I needed something to listen to, so for the very first time, I tune in to Politically Provoked. I've heard Brittany before on Ethan Ralph's stream, taking an IQ test to challenge an autistic kid (Which btw is already a hilarious situation that I love) but it didn't HIT me, it didn't SHOCK ME TO MY CORE until last night that Brittany is actually funny.

In the stream she was just dabbing on some e-whore who failed a MeeToo attempt on uhh... Destiny and Hassan, or something Or actually, there were like 2 other guys she tried to mewtoo, too, idk--LMAO dood i cant believe an e-girl has a history like this youre telling me this for the first time leftists dont know how to have healthy sexual relationships and they think everything that happens to them is traumatic and must be shared publicly?

Anyway Brittany was watching some leftist soyboy DEBUNKING the e-whore because only women who aren't fucking with people you like should be taken at their word, and just cackling and being a mean girl bitch. And it was just FUNNY. So wait a minute: Brittany is a WOMAN, wtf is going on? Is it because she's JEWISH? That can't be it, the myth that jewish people are funny has long been debunked and fact-checked as verified misinformation that plays into the reich-wing psuedoscience of genetics. So why is Brittany actually funny? What is it that sets her apart from the Top Ten Funniest Female Comedians, none of whom can make me smile?

my back is starting to hurt lmao so ill cut to the chase and stop being obnoxious-- it's because she's not a stand-up comedian. It's never been that WOMEN aren't funny, it's ALWAYS been that stand-up comedians aren't funny, and my PROOF is that George Carlin is an unfunny faggot yet is hailed as like the greatest comedian ever.

I was sending my fren a song the other night, and because YouTube's search is poorly programmed and the people behind it deserve to be fired and also killed in real life, a simple search for a Herman's Hermits song brought up a George Carlin video titled "Dumb Americans! Life is Worth Losing!". And that got me thinking. THIS IS A MAN. And he's NOT FUNNY. So we need to COMPLETELY RE-THINK how we feel about women being funny, becuase it's NOT FAIR, and you think I'm joking right now? But George Carlin was SUCH a sniveling little unfunny BITCH, and it's WRONG to pretend that men have like some kind of unique access to the (false)idea of what he was, when HE WASN'T EVEN FUNNY ANYWAY.

Meanwhile? Brittany's just laughing and making fun of this stupid OnlyFans bitch getting shit on by the Trauma LMFAO wait i just made up a joke. Instead of the drama community, the TRAUMA community, get it? People like idk, Destiny, and Hassan, and Mr. Girl, and whatever e-girls they have who like to talk about therapy and power dynamics. The trauma community. Man, I really am great. THAT'S GOOD, pls use it.

Anyway, Brittany's making me chuckle, delighting me, in a way that George Carlin never could. Because instead of a smug nihilist stand-up comedian, she's just a fun, beaky bimbo who barely defeated an autistic kid in an IQ test and ended up getting a virus from an ad trying to take the test.

The truth is, stand-up comedians in general just kind of suck. They just do. The other day, Ralph called Dave Chapelle the greatest living comedian and subjected us to a few minutes. And it was like... mmmmm, nah. Sry. I'm more of a Kevin Hart kinda guy lmfao. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA IM BEING SERIOUS THOUGH politics ISNT FUNNY. who's that ancient libtard jewish guy with the bulb nose? Bill MAHER. That's comedy for like, people who dont GET IT yet. if you're a genius like me who already understands everything about the world, it's the little things in life that tickle you. It's like, Kevin Hart jokes about your girlfriend getting mad at you lmao THATS funny not "DUHHHH, DA REPUBLICANS ARE STUPID BECAUSE THEY NO LIKE GAY." and im not being BIASED btw, you think i want to listen to Sam Hyde talk about bankers for an hour, just because he'd be correct? Not at this point in my life. im all set on politics, thanks.

So that's it. That's why, if you ever pay close attention, you'll notice that your girlfriend or wife is capable of making you laugh, even if she's usually busy just annoying you. Comedy is about love. And there's... nothing more loving than mean girls picking on mentally ill onlyfans girls... hmm. well you get it.

Anyway that's it, my BACK HURTS, sry for a long post, im out, take care pls, ttyl, God bless

disregard Communists, Love your family

hey just a quick post i think-- i got TRIGGERED by some Elon Musk hater calling him a "mama's boy" in his replies with some gay article titled something like "Elon Musk's Mom Calls Her Son a Genius, Asks People to Stop Criticizing Him"-- i dont remember exactly, it was SOMETHING like that.

and it's just like yeah wow what an own, a mom loves her son. ha ha your parents love you. Your mom thinks you're a genius!!!!!!!! HA-HA THIS IS ME BULLYING YOU BTW!!!!!!!

i dont know what it is wi-- actually yes i do, and ill try to keep it quick like i promised:

Everyone--teens to late-20s in particular--spend way too much time online. This is where that obnoxious leftish "CALL OUT YOUR RACIST FAMILY MEMBERS!!!!!" meme is born. It's from people spending most of their time in imagination land(internet) and not enough time with their family in the other room.

1- I don't care if my uncle or dad or grandpa is racist. 2- I will not get into an argument with them because someone on the internet told me to. and not for anything 3- your concept of racism is stupid petty nonsense propagated by the worst people in existence and i dont care and i dont want to be your ally bruh die lmfao

why am i telling you stuff you already know? I guess because im a SNOWFLAKE who loves my mom and dad and even family who I rarely see, and i dont think that's a shameful thing

I dont think your mom loving you is a bad thing. I think that's julmfao i think that's just like, a thing that a mother does.

im kinda going all over the place, it wasnt even really necessary for me to bring up the political issue, i just think uuuuuuh maybe it's a good example. dont let anything get between you and your family. not even yourself, and that's something im completely fucked about

im a really prideful person, ive got a big ego, im an asshole, and im a loner, so i dont spend enough time with my parents and i dont listen to them enough, and it's only late at night like right now when im thinking about these things that i realize they're not always going to be on Earth. God's going to take them, and I won't see them for decades. And it's just-- hahahahahaha man it's sad.

uhhhhh... i guess that's about it for now. what im trying to say is dont take people for granted, especially the ones who created you. Americans right now are being told to generate trauma--for whatever reason you want to pick--and it's needlessly tearing families apart over things that we're told are super-duper-extremely important, and in reality are not, at all. Like if your Dad wants you, his son, to not pretend to be a fairy goddess, your fake online family will tell you to OMG GET THE FUCK OUT OF THAT HOUSE and maybe they'll start a patreon or a gofundme to uproot your life and actually-fuck you over your desire to pretend to be a fairy goddess--which you are not-- and in this short-term fiasco the food and shelter your father's given you all your life won't seem as important as the constant and endless validation you get from strangers. that's an EZ-PZ example, low-hanging fruit right, BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE

because we dont even need fake online families to separate us from our parents, do we? we can do it all by ourselves, with our pride. my mom and dad just dont GET IT, they dont know how society's changed since their day, they dont understand how stressed I am, they don't know what it's like to have all this anxiety. right? well MAYBE that's all true but DOOD these are things we can TALK about. dont close yourself off. im talking to myself, dont worry, im sure youre not a DUMMY like i am.

im going on too long now, i can see how long it's getting. im sorry. Anyway, honor thy mother and thy father, right? be realistic with your pride. dont get all screwed up over TRIVIAL SHIT, and dont forget that EVERYTHING is trivial shit if it's not CHRIST or secondly, your ability to have food and shelter. im talking to myself, dont worry.

this applies to like, everything though too. your frens, your boyfriend/girlfrOH NOOOOOOOO IM DRONING ON TOO LONG IT'S ANOTHER "DONT BE PRIDEFUL" POST. ok im leaving im sorry.

talk things out, express yourself, GIVE A LITTLE in arguments, APOLOGIZE FIRST, dont be afraid of loving your parents and being loved by your parents. disregard family-disrespectors. and if your mommy calls you a genius, even if you're not Elon Musk, she's probably right to some degree.

that's it. take care pls,ttyl, God bless