Free pdfs, or make your bookshelf more handsome.

  • 🔥Four unlikely heroes unite to put an end to the misanthropic productions of the Emoji Factory
  • 👧Cyborg-girls dismembering suit-wearing bureaucrat demons
  • 💪An uplifting tale of redemption
  • My THICCCEST book yet: Over 300 pages of my(the) greatest writing
  • Dozens of high-quality text-message screenshots to make you feel better about how you interact with girls
  • A self-help book in disguise
  • An epic sci-fi fantasy-adventure through space and time
  • Also the greatest romance story ever written
  • An indirect sequel to Spooks in the Deep
  • I actually edited the same book twice just so my parents could read it.
  • Maybe your parents will prefer this version too.
  • Beautifully illustrated by Dan Gleason
  • Written with actual effort
  • Sequel to My Father is a Skeleton
  • The CULT CLASSIC that started it all
  • A heartwarming tale about family
  • It's funny because it's written like trash, trust me bro pls

(The Kindle versions aren't formatted well lol, the pdfs are better)