when i was little i asked my mom to rent Forever Kingdom for me because it had anime characters on it and i thought it'd be like Kingdom Hearts. it wasn't. i think i liked it though

I don't think that's enough to make an entire page about, though. so this is actually going to be a review of

Predator: Concrete Jungle.

Predator: Concrete Jungle sucks. it is not a good game. It is a terrible game. But I loved it, just like everyone else who played it.


you (the Predator) just killed some Italian mob boss, but then you goof up and accidentally ruin everything and get btfo'd and then humans steal your technology and you return to Earth a hundred years later and everything is cyberpunk.

the main antagonist is the guy's granddaughter and she's such a bitch it's almost unreal. idk if she says a single sentence in the entire game without profanity. But it's not bad, it's kind of funny. When did this come out... 2005. So dropping a lot of "fuck" was really edgy back then.

the story's narrated by--idk, who cares, some voice actress--but it's actually a really good performance.

the progression of the plot is just you running around killing different gangs. First you start with some black voodoo guys. then you kill some goth drug addicts. then you kill some italians. then you kill some mexicans. then you kill some pimps and hookers. but then you kill some higher-class hookers. then you kill some russians. then you kill some more italians. then you kill some irish guys--if you want to. then you kill some Japanese bodyguards, then-- whatever, it's ridiculous. There's some pretty neat plot twists. I can't say it's a "bad" story. It's pretty entertaining.

But none of it really makes a lot of sense. there's no reason why the Predator had to "start at the bottom" and carve his way through different gangs instead of going straight for his final target. Nothing you do throughout most of the game was really necessary plot-wise to get to the end. But it's pretty neat how many different gangs there are in the game. they-- oh im sorry, there's also some like, white anarchist cyberpunks, but you barely get to kill any of them because they're fighting the I-- nevermind, it doesn't matter. Oh, also you train on homeless people in the tutorial missions. idk if anyone could get away with making this game in Current Year.


it's preddy bad.

let's start with the Predator's "energy". You have a limited amount of energy that you use for your cloaking and your shoulder-mounted plasmacaster. You can upgrade it, but ultimately, you only have enough to be cloaked for a few minutes, and to fire a few plasma bolts.

Why this had to be a limited resource, I have absolutely no idea. Remember in Predator 1, when he gets caught in the net, and basically spam-shoots a million times? What about how he spends almost the ENTIRE movie cloaked?

missions arent very long. most of them can be done in about 10 minutes, some boss-battle levels even much quicker. But it's just a shame that you cant really kick back, relax, and tear people's spines out at your own pace. There's electrical boxes you can hit up to recharge-- there's an abudance of them-- but why even have them in the first place?

there's really no issue of "balance" here either, because a large amount of enemies are immune to the plasmacaster AND they can see through your cloaking.

by the time you get to the end of the game, it becomes a lot less of a slow stealth game and a lot more of a desperate action game. You go from stalking people and smacking their heads off to getting rifle-butted onto your ass by supersoldiers and 1-hit by lasers. It sucks. And thank God for emulators, because I wouldn't be able to cope with dying and being sent back 30 minutes at this point in my life.

the non-stealth combat isn't very difficult. you can run and flip around in ways that make it extremely difficult for enemies to hit you. but it's kinda goofy. some enemies are very spongy too, with uninterruptable attacks. But for the most part, you can easily stomp anything that's standing in your way, from gang members to supersoldiers to mechs.

the stealth involves getting behind someone and pressing Circle to perform an execution. It doesnt matter whether they're alerted or not, if you're behind them, you can 1-hit them unless they're a boss. Sometimes it'd be nice to *not* do that though, because entering a killing animation while a different enemy is shooting at you 2 steps away isn't ever really desirable.

you have a handful of gadgets and weapons to Play Your Way, and you rarely are forced to do something in any particular way. Messing around in the earlier, more "relaxed" missions can be a good time and make up for the game not being open-world.

The camera by default is worse than Mario 64. It aggressively tries to keep things centered with the Predator facing forward, and it just ends up screwing with you constantly. After 2 decades I learned that you can actually change that in the settings and switch it from "Auto" to "Manual". It makes the game so much more playable it's almost unbelievable and I recommend anyone trying the game to do that.

I think that's it. oh, there's like, side-missions. some of them don't tell you what they are, though. uuuuuuuuuh yeah that's it. the game is pretty enjoyable for about half of it when you're actually in the city, then it makes a pretty abrupt turn into trash for the second half as you enter more tight/indoor missions.

This Game Sucks but I'll always love it. 7/10