Pac-Man vs Blinky

Pac-man wrapped his lips firmly around the already engorged phallus.

At this moment, more than ever, he longed to have hands; to touch it, to touch himself.

He felt like exploding. Every fiber of his being ravenously craved for something, but what it was, he didn’t know.

What he did know was that he liked the feel of the tip pressing against the back of his throat.

Blinky placed his hands around Pac-man, and whispered to him softly.

"Are you ready?"

"Waka waka!" begged Pac-man, shivering with anticipation.

Blinky began to thrust his hard cock roughly into Pac-man’s triangular mouth. Its shape was perfect for applying pressure to his head; each pump felt like Heaven, and it didn’t take long before Blinky could feel his impending release.

He grasped Pac-man by the back of the circle, and pressed hard against the back of his throat, and began to fill him with hot jets of silvery ejaculate.

Pac-man drank them greedily, like it was the ambrosia of the gods.

Blinky grasped him by the bottom of the circle, and leaned in close to him.

"Give me some," he moaned

"Pac-man gargled some of the remaining cum, and kissed Blinky, swapping it into his mouth.

And then I ran out of quarters.