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"Oh, there's the email…" Ava muttered. She never checked her emails. Emoji had not yet forced notifications for employees' FeelMail app. Most employees were so gleeful and eager to receive bullshit bugbrain corporate emails to "Reply All" to that it wasn't even necessary. She read it out loud.

"Dear Feelrs!

Happy Monday! We've got Good News! We're very pleased to announce that as of tomorrow, Feelr is becoming More Diverse and Inclusive Than Ever Before! Having Feelr installed on your personal/work devices will now be required for all of our Family. We recognize this great new change may create some ill-informed questions and incorrect concerns:

"🙋‍♀️Is it OKAY to use Feelr to Update my Status and Mood and Tasks when I'm at work? 🤔"

🤩YES!! SO MUCH YES!! Feeling is an important part of your job function! If you have any questions, please see your TL or STL!! 🥰

"😭 Help! I can't install Feelr! I don't know how! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️"

😎DON'T PANIC! WE GOT THIS!💪As of tomorrow, Feelr will automatically be installed onto ALL of your registered devices with Emoji—no assembly required! 😌💯"

"Wow, this really is Hell," said Sev.